Andor Episode 4 Review – More Of The Same Pleases This Fan

Andor Episode 4 review. As per the title this week was more of the same, and since I loved it last week, I'm a happy fan.

Andor Episode 4 review! As per the title this week was more of the same, and since I loved it last week, I’m a happy fan. I’ll be staying SPOILER FREE within this review, so have no fear there. With that all out of the way, let’s discuss what I thought about Episode 4 of Andor.

Tonally Consistent

Last week I talked about how mature Andor feels compared to most Star Wars content. This week that tone remains consistent. We see where Cassian goes next, but we also follow Luthen a little more and learn more about his life. We also get an introduction to one character we knew was a major player in Andor and that’s Mon Mothma. Her scenes on Coruscant alongside Luthen were fantastic. We already had a glimpse of this scene in the promo’s, but overall it works so well.

You really feel the paranoia around what Mothma and Luthen are doing. We are still years away from the Rebellion we see forming in Rogue One. For now it’s about secrecy and commitment at great personal risk for all involved. Both Luthen and Mon Mothma have a public persona and a private one. Even Mon Mothma’s husband doesn’t seem to know what she is really up to.

As for Cassian he gets added late on to a heist that is being planned. Those involved don’t really want him there and he can feel that clearly. However Luthen has sold Cassian on this idea for now and he’s doing his best.

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The best ting I can say about Andor is that it is a show that would work if it were not a Star Wars licence. There are scenes and moments where the absence of any Star Wars aesthetics or props would have you almost feel like this was not Star Wars. The world building is great, from the stark hardship of insurgents to the sleek and sterile look of the Imperial buildings and officer. As for the Empire, now that things have escalated we are no longer dealing with local security forces, but the Imperial, specifically the ISB.

I loved seeing the Imperial machine from the inside, it’s something we have simply not had enough of. The new characters introduced all feel real and the actors are brilliant once again. such a great cast in this show it has to be said. You’ll recognize some quality faces once again this week, mostly I admit veterans from British TV. Though top marks this week go to both Stellan Skarsgard and Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma and Luthen respectively. I can’t wait to see more of both.


Andor Episode 4 review. As per the title this week was more of the same, and since I loved it last week, I'm a happy fan.

I’ll talk about the pace of the show a little here. This is purely subjective, but last week a lot of comments on my review were people saying they found the show boring and the pace too slow. If that is the case, my guess is you will not be any more pleased this week. Now I do not share this criticism, frankly I am absolutely fine with a slower paced character based show. I’m loving it in fact. However that might not be you, so take heed.

For me, I guess I have only two criticisms thus far. First off is the AK guns Lucasfilm has recently decided to use in Star Wars. Can the art department please add a few bells and whistles to these to make them look less like AK’s? It’s too obvious and feels out of place. Unless of course they’re hinting that Kalashnikoff designed the perfect gun that cannot be beaten, even in alternate Galaxies? I sometimes miss little details like this. However the first thing I noticed at one point was that all the ‘rebels’ have AK’s. It cannot be that hard to add some things to change the look surely?

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Last, a simple one. I felt like my time with Andor was too short this week. I really wish this show was released in three episode chunks like the first week. That would still take 4 weeks for us to see the whole of the season. Disney probably think, why have it across 4 weeks when we can have it across 10? However because the story is told in these chunks, you feel like you’ve been cut off after 4 beers instead of when you’ve had 20. I guess I’ll just have to get used it, because it’s not changing.

I guess I can’t really criticize a show because I’m enjoying it so much I want to keep watching more? Maybe you’re not loving Andor, but I am and this feels like the Star Wars show most up my street in a long while. As said up top, it’s really more of the same.

Grade: A

What did you think of my spoiler free Andor Episode 4 review? Leave your own review of the fourth episode below. Tell us what you think, were you as positive about Andor as I am? The Cantina Reviews will be recording later today, hopefully for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. Catch last week’s review in the link above.

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