– by Seth McDonald

Over the last several years we have seen actor Michael Peña’s career blossom into something special. Peña can next be seen in the film 12 Strong, which also stars fellow Marvel counterpart, Chris Hemsworth (our interview with the director is coming later this week).

During a recent interview with IGN, the actor was asked if he and Hemsworth ever talked about Marvel while on the set of the new military film, and he may have inadvertently let it slip that there will be an Ant-Man 3.

“We talked about it on the first day. It’s a whole different kind of club to be in, the Marvel Universe. I don’t know if they’ll use me for the third movie, I still really don’t know. It’s cool to make a little bit of a mark on that Marvel Universe and it’s kind of a cool club, they run a really cool studio.”

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It is interesting that Peña said “the” third movie, and not if there is a third movie. Though it is entirely possible Peña could simply be speculating that there will be a third film. The prospect of making Ant-Man into a trilogy seems likely, the first film brought in just under $520 million at the global box-office on a budget of just $130 million, so it seems pretty safe to assume the sequel will be successful enough to warrant a third film.

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Source: ComicBookMovie (Via IGN)