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As soon as Marvel opened up their Cinematic Universe, it became perfectly clear that the films could not always be a part of the same genre. After all, if they’d planned on putting out pictures twice a year, the studio’s product would’ve gonestale long ago if they hadn’t diversified. The solution? Have each standalone film be a part of an otherwise distinct genre. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was a space opera, ANT-MAN was a heist film, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER was an espionage thriller (and so on).

What does that mean for CIVIL WAR? Since the Russo Brothers are directing it, does that mean we can expect it to live in the same genre as the previous film? Sort of, but not quite. In an interview with Empire, actor Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the film, called CIVIL war a “true suspense thriller.”

He went on to embellish:

“The build-up to the fight is what makes it so interesting, because there are so many different factions of who’s right and who’s wrong and who supports who. Once we get all of that out the way, then it becomes more action-packed and more of us kicking each others’ ass.”

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SOURCE: Empire