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By now I’m betting most of you readers have had your first watch of Endgame, but fear not if you haven’t. There are no spoilers in this article for Avengers: Endgame, which is probably the first article I’ve written this week where I can say that.

One of the quotes I remember writing about for LRM, between Infinity War and Endgame was the directors Joe and Anthony Russo talking about filming the movies back to back. It was an epic and long shoot for a movie, and that’s not even taking in to account to reshoots planned for each movie separately. The Russo’s discussed how arduous it was to actually shoot the movies in this fashion and I did kinda wonder why that decision had been made in the first place?

There is an obvious reason of course, and that’s how they would actually fill up the space between the movies, given the climactic ending of Infinity War. It definitely made sense to have Endgame released as a conclusion only a year later. Marvel managed to fill this space by using Ant-Man and the Wasp, which happens concurrently with the events of Infinity War. Marvel then began this year with Captain Marvel, which is actually set way back in 1995, you know, when Star Wars was still good. I honestly just assumed this very practical reason was the main driving force behind the double shoot, but in a recent interview with THR co-director Anthony Russo explains why the salaries of the cast was also a big consideration for such a big movie.

“It was a huge financial issue on this one, and really the way it manifested for us was the fact that we shot these movies back-to-back. The primary motivation to shoot these movies back-to-back like this and to block them was so that we could condense actors’ work so we were basically buying them for a little more than one movie rather than two full movies. Marvel and Disney were able to structure deals with the actors because we were economizing their time commitment by blocking the movies this way. That was the only reason to shoot these movies this way. Of course, there was a huge creative upside for Joe and I, in that we got to tell a story with all these characters and all these wonderful actors. Everything else about blocking these movies together is a downside. It was really difficult. Each of these movies was the most difficult, complex movie we’ve ever made individually and to do them back-to-back together was a really daunting task.”

I guess when all is said and done, this old movie business is primarily driven by one force, money. Yes, there’s the artistic part of it and I feel like some studios are realising that if you make good products you will make more money, but they still do it for money. And why shouldn’t they be paid well and look to make the maximum profits at the same time? Personally I am very happy with the overall quality of the MCU over this past 10 years, and the actors/directors and crews certainly seem to be enjoying it as well.

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Have you seen Endgame yet, would you have been willing to wait longer to see it after Infinity War, or did Marvel do the right thing? Sound off in the usual spot below as always.

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