– by Stephon White

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has a message for fans on his personal Instagram.

Who would’ve imagined that a man who talks to fish would star in one of the strongest DCEU films to date? I mean hell, Batman has Gotham, childhood trauma, and billions of dollars to invest in crime-fighting gadgets. Superman is almost invulnerable, can fly, and shoot lasers from his eyes.

Did I enjoy Man of Steel? Yes. But DC’s follow-ups seemed to have diminishing returns. I mean outside of Patty Jenkins thoroughly enjoyable Wonder Woman. Besides that, Batman V Superman was ok, I admit it. But when you compare it to Nolan’s work on Batman it doesn’t look so shiny. Then we got Justice League, which should’ve knocked the DCEU’s future out of the park. How’d that do? Fans are still petitioning for a Snyder cut.

It was if DC was using an opposite formula than Marvel. Whereas Marvel films got better with each entry, DC was looking worse for wear with each successive release.  That all seems so long ago now. Fans, critics, and the general movie going audience have praised Aquaman. I saw it. It’s not a perfect film, but it is fun, and shines in the right moments. Aquaman happens to be the best DC film to date. At least I think so. I had a blast at the movies and enjoyed the films tone and exploration of the Kingdoms beneath the sea. Every hero and villain had their fair share of moments to shine. From Mera to Vulko. From Ocean Master to Black Manta. This movie rocked.

As of this writing, the movie looks like it’s well on its way to crossing $1 billion. It’s been the top movie for the third weekend in a row. Congrats to DC! Congrats to Jason Momoa! Congrats to the cast and crew! Go follow Jason Momoa while you’re at it. What do you think of Aquaman’s success? Think it’ll be enough to anchor Affleck and Cavill to the DCEU?

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SOURCE: Jason Momoa