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James Wan wasn’t the most obvious choice for an Aquaman film. This was a dude who had his start in horror and while he also directed Furious 7 for Universal, but it wasn’t necessarily a logical leap to know he’d head for a superhero film next (though I guess you could argue that Furious 7 is a superhero movie). Like many people, I saw plenty of opportunity here with Wan’s horror background

Specifically, with a film that dealt with the world under the sea, there seemed to be plenty of potential to bring in the scares. However, based on what we’ve seen so far, they seem to be leaning more into the adventure side of things. But is there any aspect in which Wan’s horror background could be used? Here’s what the director said to CinemaBlend:

“One is very specific sequences, like The Trench, which is his homage to Creature From The Black Lagoon-type scary movies. That whole sequence is classic James Wan, from the way characters are revealed, the way the creatures are revealed, to the actual action that goes into that entire sequence. That’ll be a signature James Wan scary sequence.”

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He wasn’t the only one the outlet asked about this. They also approached producer Peter Safran, who said the following:

“In terms of how he brings his other genre filmmaking abilities to bear in a superhero movie, his horror movies, generally speaking, whether it’s the two Conjuring movies or Insidious, they are incredibly well-reviewed because he’s got craftsman-like quality the way he makes it. They’re always character driven; he always spends time introducing you to the characters so that when they go through what they ultimately go through you actually feel for them. That’s something he clearly does here. He’s not a big believer in quick cuts; he’s a big believer in letting the action unfold in the cool camerawork.”

As much as I love the adventure, I really do hope Wan is able to leverage his horror roots for this in some way, be it a sequence or style. It could really go on to add an extra dimension other superhero films don’t have. Fingers crossed!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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