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Are Disney Milking Star Wars Too Much? | Friday Free Talk

Are Disney milking Star Wars too much? This week saw an exclusive story from us here at LRM. The story was that Lucasfilm are looking to push ahead with a new spin-off to The Mandalorian. According to our source Lucasfilm want a Cara Dune spin-off show. After our report hit, the folks at KRT said that the Cara Dune show would be a co-led show with Bo Katan Kryze (Katie Sackhoff), which makes a lot of sense.

Now if we count up all the spin-off shows our Lucasfilm source has told us about, it’s a lot. We can discount two upcoming Disney+ shows and perhaps even a third. However, just spinning-off from The Mandalorian we have the following. An Ahsoka Tano led show, a Boba Fett led show, an Ezra Bridger/Thrawn show, and now a Cara Dune/Bo Katan show. We also have The Mandalorian itself, which would mean we have five upcoming shows all detailing events around The Mandalorian and what used to be Rebels. That’s a lot.

Now, based on the way our source told us about the Cara Dune show, I got the feeling it’s not locked down. Disney have never been scared to cancel a project that is not working, so who knows? However, if things were not at an advanced stage I also know our source would not bother giving us the information.

Too Much?

I am a bit worried this could all be too much. Yet, I did not really feel like this until we heard about the Cara Dune show. I was not a big fan of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian Season 1, so maybe that’s what triggered this concern in me. When we first heard about this show I truly wondered how Gina Carano could carry a whole show, but with KRT‘s information about Sackhoff, it’s less of a concern.

I still worry maybe this is one spin-0ff too far though? Will they all work, what if one of these shows is a complete misfire? I just think perhaps it would be an idea for Lucasfilm to slow this down a little. We already have two limited series coming along in Kenobi and Cassian Andor. There is also the Leslye Headland show, which could be one of these Mandalorian spin-off’s but my guess is not. Screen Rant ran with a story that Headland’s show would be set in a completely different timeline and frankly I hope it is, we need something….unique. However, that’s all just guess work from me we really don’t know anything official yet.

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I’m guessing that Lucasfilm are building all this up to some sort of climax. We were told that Lucasfilm want to have these interconnected shows that whilst telling their own stories, also led to something more. I’m all for that, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it a bit much. I’m not expecting all these shows to be running simultaneously, it’ll take time to develop them all. However, I still worry it’s all a bit too much, especially when we know what comes next. I despise the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but 20+ years after the events of The Mandalorian we know what’s supposed to happen. How dramatic can the climax to all this really be?

I kinda wish we could go back in time and beg Disney not to rush into those sequels. The ideas being explored here, are far more interesting to me. In fact, if we did not have Episodes 7-9 already, I’d be convinced this was all leading up to a proper new movie trilogy.

The Final Word

The comments recently from John Favreau about whether The Mandalorian could go the other way interested me. By ‘the other way’ I mean The Mandalorian becoming a movie. Favreau was non-committal, but reasoned out that it was possible. One wonders if all these spin-off’s to The Mandalorian could be building towards an event movie. Would the Disney+shows be loved enough over the years that an event movie would rake in the big bucks at theaters? It’s certainly possible, but an event series would still make far more sense to me. Especially, if all these characters are going to be included in that event.

What do you think of all this. Am I concerned about nothing? Is it better for us to just wait and see before getting our underwear in a twist? Or, is Lucasfilm under Disney once again doing too much too fast to try and make money from the Star Wars franchise. Disney cannot afford another disaster, and for this fan, the sequel trilogy was a disaster. Are Disney milking Star Wars too much? Thoughts below.

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