– by Joseph Jammer Medina

In a bit of funny, not altogether shocking news to start off your week, Arnold Schwarzenegger took some time while doing press for Terminator: Genisys to admit that the last film in the franchise was awful. Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in Terminator: Salvation in-the-flesh, which was a first for the series, but did agree to the use of a CG replica of himself in the film. 

It would appear he couldn’t be happier with sitting that one out.

During an interview with Good Morning America, when the interviewer brought up his lack of involvement with Salvation the Austrian Oak quickly interjected, “Thank God.” This got a laugh from his Genisys co-stars, as well as a follow-up question of “Why?” Schwarzenegger simply said “It sucked.” 

They then went on to discuss how Genisys is intended to be the start of a new trilogy and that the team worked very hard to create a reason for the next two films to be necessary. It should be noted that Terminator: Salvation was also supposed to be the start of a new trilogy. That film, which was directed by McG and starred Christian Bale, cost $200 million to make and only managed to pull in $371 million worldwide while garnering mostly negative reviews. 

Lastly, a quick note for fans of the seven-time Mr. Olympia’s bodybuilding physique, Schwarzenegger says it took him about two months to get his frame back up to where it had been in the original The Terminator back in 1984. The focus of his phrasing is his frame, not overall musculature and tone, so I wouldn’t expect any shirtless scenes for the 67 year old actor this time around. Still, that’s impressive.

To check out the full Good Morning America interview, see the video below:

Terminator: Genisys will bring Arnold back on July 1.

SOURCE: World News

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