– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“I was hoping to do another one and I was hoping that the idea of Conan having been king for a long time, then just threw it all away and went into retirement and went off into the mountains. That whole idea always appealed to me. Then of course he gets asked back because of some hideous and unbelievable things that are happening to the kingdom. So that’s when the battle begins again.”

That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say at the Terminator: Genisys press junket when asked about that other classic character he’s going to be reprising soon. We all ready know that we’ll get our chance to see him put on his T-800 boots again this Friday when Genisys is released, but fans of the Austrian Oak are all ready looking forward to The Legend of Conan

A few weeks back, I offered you this update about the tone and vision for the new film. Now Arnold has let us know exactly what kind of story we should expect. And what about the script? At that same junket, Arnold says he got a look at Fast & Furious scribe Chris Morgan’s script for Legend of Conan and offered his thoughts. “That turned out really great,” said the star. “It needs some tweakage but really they’ve done an extraordinary job with it, very thoughtful so I’m looking forward to working with them on that as soon as this gets out of the way, because I’m very focused on one thing at a time. Then we do the next thing.

It sounds like Arnold is pleased with the thought and care that went into making Legend a true sequel to Conan The Barbarian. Are you pumped to see him pick up the sword again and give Conan the Unforgiven treatment?

SOURCE: Nerd Report

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