– by Mark Cook

Arrow is back with an all new episode.  Will it be better than last week? (It has to be, right?) Will we actually get to see Green Arrow and Prometheus?  What will Chase do with Oliver’s son?  Read on to find out the good and bad from this week’s episode:

Photo Courtesy of The CW.

Photo Courtesy of The CW.

Good: The Beginning of the Episode — Chase sent Oliver a 15-year-old body.  How great of a start is that?  The police assumed it was a bomb, yet Chase sent it under his real name so Oliver would know that it was him.  What I liked even more is that Oliver didn’t know who the person was from the dental records, which makes him have to investigate the situation more rather than it being a direct connection to someone he was familiar with.  When Lance finds out who the individual was, his look of shock left the audience even more intrigued as to how the body would be connected to Oliver, but the scene ended with Lance’s expression leaving more anticipation to the reveal, which ended up being a man his father, Robert Queen, killed. (Correction) 

Bad: The Flashbacks — This isn’t anything new.  The flashbacks haven’t been good since Season 2, but Oliver ends up flying a plan back to Lian Yu.  They would have been better off actually keeping him on the island for the entire five years. When I first started watching Arrow I thought that was what would happen. I felt there would be enough potential for the flashbacks to span five years.  Unfortunately, what we have received is him leaving the island, going back in Season 3, leaving again, then coming backthis season…again…yeah.  It was pretty cool seeing the original Deathstroke mask from Slade, and hearing that even though he tried killing Oliver, he still considered Slade a friend.

Good: The Return of Thea — At first I was going to label this as bad because I don’t think Arrow needs another support character at this point, but Thea’s return makes sense seeing as Chase brought their father back into the picture. This creates a whole different emotional dynamic. Oliver and Thea react very differently to personal issues. I’m assuming she will eventually suit up in order to get revenge on Chase, but I hope it doesn’t overload the team more than it already is. She and Oliver’s discussion of their father, and emotional reveal to the public, helped stabilize the emotional aspect of the show that seemed inconsistent over the past couple episodes.  It made sense.  It showed their growth as characters.

Bad: Warehouse Fights — Is Starling City filled with warehouses, or are they constantly fighting at the same one?  Either way it is a bit overdone.  I know there can’t be a ton of settings where these shady dealings could happen, but some change of scenery would be nice.

Good: Adrian Chase — Chase, Simon Morrison, whoever he is, made a great impact this episode without even seeing him for a majority of the time.  Not only does he send Oliver his father’s body, but he completely discredits Robert Queen’s reputation as well. Chase sent Oliver a flash drive with video footage showing Robert Queen having an altercation with someone leading to the individual’s death, and an eventual cover-up.  

Photo Courtesy of The CW.

Photo Courtesy of The CW.

Good: The Return of Green Arrow and Prometheus — Finally! Yes, they are just costumes, but that’s what I’ve always enjoyed about the show.  The fight between the two has been long awaited.  Even with the fight being great, the real twist came when Oliver revealed to Chase that his father had actually planned to disown him because he was insane.  Oliver went on to say that even though both of their father’s were bad, his father would never give up on him as Chase’s did.  This humbled Chase, which led to his apprehension.  Don’t worry, he isn’t done. This was more than likely part of his plan.  This part of the show had a very The Dark Knight feel to it.  Yes, Chase is insane, but he gave up quite easily, and allowed Oliver to capture him. Next week’s episode looks to focus on Chase pulling the strings from his place of imprisonment much like the Joker did in Nolan’s movie after Batman captured him.

This episode was a definite improvement from last week’s (which wasn’t difficult), and really brought back some of the original elements that made me enjoy the series in the first place. The only questions I still had after this episode were: What happened with Chase and Oliver’s son? How did the ArrowCave get cleaned up so quickly after last week?  They must have good contractors.  We still have yet to see parts of the sizzle reel with only two episodes left in the season.  Will it be rushed, and did the sizzle reel reveal scenes that may actual act as brief cameos?  If so, that could be disappointing.  

What did you think of this week’s episode?  What happened to Oliver’s son?  When will we see Slade, and how will he be involved?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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