– by Mark Cook

Arrow began its sixth season last week, not with a bang, but with more of the same that viewers have come to see over the past seasons.  The “fallout” from Lian Yu wasn’t much of a fallout leaving viewers to merely try to figure out how in the world a majority of them escaped (which wasn’t even mentioned in this episode).  Also, Oliver Queen is being questioned as the Green Arrow (again…).  Will this episode be stronger, or will Season 6 be more of the same?  Read on the find out:


(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Mayor Queen — Oliver begins the episode diverting questions from the media, and even throwing in a Bruce Wayne reference. The defense for this rehashed idea is that he was cleared of being “The Hood” by Lance, and now he will be investigated by the FBI for being Green Arrow.  Ugh, lame.  There has to be so many other story lines they could use rather than one from the early seasons.  The father/son dynamic between Oliver and William is interesting though.  William gets jumped by kids at school who are against the Green Arrow.  That’s a difficult spot for him to be in as he clearly knows his father is Green Arrow, yet has to hide it, or does he?  Could their strained relationship lead to any other leaks?  William’s greatest fear is that Oliver will die being the Green Arrow and that he will be left alone.  This was a crucial moment as Oliver was able to open up about the death of his parents in a way of hoping to show empathy.


(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Anatoly Returns — After last season it seemed as if we had seen the last of Anatoly.  Alas, he has returned (like many other previous plot points).  It turns out Anatoly leaked the photo of Oliver in order to keep his hands tied so that he could not interfere in Anatoly’s true mission (which we find out later in the episode that it wasn’t Anatoly, but someone “bad”).  It looks as if Anatoly was exiled due to his connections to Oliver, so his way of getting back into the Bratva is to prove to them that he and Oliver are no longer friends.  Alright, this is plausible, but it is reminiscent of Slade.  Friends with Oliver, then turns on him after some type of trauma.  Once again, another rehashed idea.



(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Team Arrow — In other news, Diggle is still having issues with his aim.  There were yet more occasions when he needed to fire his weapon, but chose not to.  One such occurrence was when Black Canary was being strangled.   Diggle admits to being compromised, and vows to tell Oliver.  Will this lead to Diggle leaving again only to later return?  Not so fast.  Oliver wants to spend honest time with William, so he asks Diggle to take the mantle of the Green Arrow.  Diggle has previously done this for small stints (the last time Oliver was accused of being “The Hood”).  This looks to be more of an extended time.  I am not sure what to make of the move yet, or why now is the time seeing as Diggle can’t aim.  Maybe it’ll be different, and unique? Oh, and Felicity and Curtis decide to go into business with each other since neither have jobs outside of crime-fighting.

This week’s episode was better than last week’s, but I still didn’t think it was very good overall.  I have always been a true fan and advocate for the show, even during the sub-par (I’m being generous) Season 4, but seeing so many ideas redone is disappointing. The father / son dynamic between Oliver and William has been the best part so far (when will we get to see that dynamic between Slade and his son!?).

What’d you think of this week’s episode?  Does Arrow have a chance, or does it seem doomed at this point?  Leave your comments in the usual place, and thanks for reading!


Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.