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Avengers: Endgame – Trailer Breakdown Highlights All The Things You May Have Missed

I’m sure by now you have watched the brand new trailer for Avengers: Endgame, if not, then what are you waiting for click that video above.

What you may not have had time to do was to look through the video multiple times and pick out all the key details, but don’t worry, I got ya. Let’s take a look at some screenshots and implications of what we see in the trailer and what’s in store for Avengers: Endgame shall we.

Tony Stark Lost in Space

So since the events of Infinity War, Tony Stark and Nebula were left as the only heroes standing after their defeat at the hands of Thanos and his enactment of The Decimation event. It appears as if Tony is attempting to make his way back to Earth, along with Nebula in Star Lord’s spaceship. You can see in the screenshot below that Nebula is also in that same spaceship. Pretty much confirming that they are both stranded in space and Tony is not in fact alone (unless it’s a different ship).

It also seems as if Tony’s armor is shot to bits, perhaps he used up all the nanotech in his loss to Thanos, but he does appear to at least not be bleeding from his stomach any longer. The ssemi-leaderof the Avengers also appears to not fancy his chances of getting home, given the message he leaves for Pepper Potts. How are Iron Man and Nebula going to get out of this one?

Fading Marvel Logo

Yep, Marvel actually made their logo fade out I the same way as half of the life in the Universe did in Infinity War. Its not a key details as such, but I did find it a pretty neat little Easter Egg to be honest.

Damaged Infinity Gauntlet

Yep, we once again see that Thanos may be ready to retire and hang up his armor etc, but he still has the Infinity Gauntlet and the Stones. However, as eagle eyed fans noticed in Infinity War, the gauntlet is very damaged looking here and one wonders if Thanos would have the same ability to wield all the powers of the stones that he commanded in the first movie. I guess we’ll find out in April.

Cap In Tears

Aww, it’s very sad that poor old Cap is reduced to tears. I guess he’s the kind of hero that wouldn’t take a monumental failure like this very well. After all, on his watch, half of the humans on planet Earth were wiped out and that’s something far worse even than Red Skull had planned back in World War II.

He’s not the only one completely bummed out either, above you can see that Thor, who has basically lost everything over the course of his last two movies, does not look like he is in a good place, slumped to the floor and wearing civilian clothes. Maybe he still feels guilty for not going for the head with Stormbreaker at the end of Infinity War, after all, perhaps he could have stopped this right then?

Shuri Dead Or Missing

After much speculation, it appears that Shuri is either dead or currently missing at this point in Endgame, as Banner looks at all the missing people they can no longer call upon, of course, the other image shown here is Scott Lang, but we will get to him at the end. It was suggested by some that Shuri may take on a creative technical role for the Avengers or perhaps even go on to be a Black Panther herself. Maybe they will find her somewhere after all, or maybe she really is dust?


Was that Ronin aka Hawkeye assassinating someone we saw there? Clearly as predicted Hawkeye has gone off the deep end here a little, which adds to the speculation that some if not all of his family were killed in The Decimation events. It looks like Natasha is sent o go after her old friend, will she be able to convince Hawkeye to abandon whatever he is doing and re-join the fight as an Avenger?

Cap In An Old Suit

Here you will notice that Captain America aka Steve Rodgers is wearing the same outfit he donned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I’m pretty pleased about as it’s been my favourite Cap costume in the MCU thus far. We also hear Natasha tell Cap that “This is going to work”, we obviously cannot say what ‘this’ is, but one would assume it’s about somehow fixing what Thanos has done to the Universe. Whatever it is, it’s important as we hear Cap say back “I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t.” Could this refer to the common theory that the Avengers will travel back in time to stop Thanos from acquiring the Stones in the first place?

Cap Death Speculation Begins

Yeah, it’s almost not even surprising the death speculation has begun. But here we are again. This shot here is of Cap’s love interest, Peggy Carter. It’s the same image he had of her when he crashed the ship into the Arctic all those years ago, and some think it may be hinting at him sacrificing himself once again. There is also speculation that these fingers aren’t actually Cap’s, but Black Widow’s. Perhaps she is picking up this final piece of him after he’s sacrificed himself? Do those fingers look like they belong to Natasha or Steve? YOU be the judge!

Knock, Knock, It’s Scott!

It’s long been speculated that Scott Lang aka Ant-Man will have an important role to play in Endgame as will the Quantum Realm briefly explored in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The last we left Scott he was stuck inside this Quantum Realm as his partner and her parents were dusted in Thanos attack.

Whatever happened after that we can be assured that Scott somehow made it back out of the Quantum Realm and when he did he went looking for the Avengers.

So there you have it, folks, did we miss any important details you want to share? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Marvel

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