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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame starts with a bang. After seeing a large chunk of heroes dissipate with Thanos’ snap, some of us were ready to see a big buildup to the rematch against Thanos. That didn’t happen. Instead of building it up, we went straight to the garden planet in the first 10-15 minutes or so, where the remaining Avengers (sans-Tony Stark) promptly executed Thanos by cutting of his arm and his head.

Of course, there was one big problem with all of this. Prior to his death, he confirmed that he destroyed the Infinity Stones, meaning that there was virtually no way to reverse the events in the movie. With that confirmed, and with Thanos beheaded, they were virtually left with no options going forward. Speaking with the New York Times, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely discussed how they decided to kill Thanos at the beginning:

McFEELY We always had this problem. The guy has the ultimate weapon. He can see it coming. It’s ridiculous. We were just banging our heads for weeks, and at some point, [the executive producer] Trinh Tran went, “Can’t we just kill him?” And we all went, “What happens if you just kill him? Why would you kill him? Why would he let you kill him?”

MARKUS It reinforced Thanos’s agenda. He was done. Not to make him too Christ-like, but it was like, “If I’ve got to die, I can die now.”

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It really did prove how Thanos had pretty much achieved his life goal. Although he resisted the Avengers when they first showed up, he seemed to be at peace with himself, which isn’t entirely common with these villains. Even past Thanos seemed content and even envious of how things turned out with present Thanos.

What did you think of this turn of events? Do you think it was a good thing for the film? Let us know down below!

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