– by Joseph Jammer Medina

As we reported earlier this week, actor Chris Evans had signed a shield with a suspicious subtitle in the form of “Nomad.” Those who follow the comics know that Steve Rogers, along with numerous other characters, temporarily took on the name of Nomad after he abandoned the Cap name. As we saw in Captain America: Civil War, Cap abandoned the shield, and therefore the moniker.

With that in mind, it wasn’t a huge surprise that they would be taking the Nomad route with his character in Infinity War. Speaking with Fantasy Focus Football, director Joe Russo discussed the character’s evolution.

“Our approach to [Steve Rogers] was to deconstruct him, to take him in a different direction. Obviously, you can’t deal with a character called Captain America without dealing with the thematics behind that, so we wanted a relevancy to it and we wanted to put him in a position where he was questioning the chain of command.”

But what does this mean for Nomad? Well, it seems like Russo is unwilling to fully commit the character to that name. It seems like they will be going a different direction for the films, but al the same, the Nomad spirit seems to be present.

“You’ll see in these Avengers films, he’s on a very specific journey as a character. Some people have suspected that he may be Nomad heading into Avengers 3 and I wouldn’t say that he is exactly Nomad, but he is the spirit of that character.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like almost every movie interpretation of a comic book character. It’s not exact, but takes certain elements, all while taking it in its own direction. This seems to be kind of a confirmation that Cap is indeed Nomad this time around.

What do you think of Russo’s comments? Does this sound like Nomad to you? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Fantasy Focus Football

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