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Even through all the nonsense Tony Stark has put Peter Parker through, apparently Peter still looks up to Stark. Maybe an older individual would recognize the man’s shortcomings, and how he put Peter’s life in danger and ignored him when he was on to something big, but, I mean, Tony is Iron Man, man!

In the latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, we get confirmation that Spider-Man and Iron Man are grouped together with Doctor Strange and half of the Guardians of the Galaxy. But, will Stark and Parker’s relationship still mirror theirs in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

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Screen Rant had the chance to talk to Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and this is what they have to say about the relationship between the two characters in Infinity War:

Anthony: Tony is still in his, you know, he sort of sided with the Accords. He’s playing out the consequences of that choice and still leading the Avengers who are not on the opposite side of the Accords. And the opposite side of the law at this point. And he still has this connection with Spider-Man that he’s established–

Joe: In Homecoming.

Anthony: –And that evolves. And they basically have a unique mentor-mentee relationship that continues to evolve as they move into this film.”

So, maybe this relationship will evolve into Spidey seeing Stark’s shortcommings… though it could also end with him witnessing Tony Stark’s death. This is Infinity War people, anything can happen!

Are you excited to see Spider-Man and Iron Man interact more in Infinity War? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Screen Rant