– by Seth McDonald

We’ve all heard plenty from director Rian Johnson on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the guy really should have went on a nationwide tour explaining things. We have also heard Mark Hamill express both praise and dismay over what was done with Luke Skywalker. Now we get to hear what actor Domhall Gleeson, who plays General Hux in the sequel trilogy, thought about the way his character was portrayed in The Last Jedi in general. The actor recently spoke on Radio Times while promoting his new film Peter Rabbit:

“What was brilliant [about Star Wars: The Last Jedi] was that it was unexpected. And I’ve got a feeling that what JJ does may also be unexpected. I wasn’t expecting [Hux’s comedy] to be the way it went in VIII, at all. It really surprised me. And I’d say rather than played for laughs, it was written for laughs. We did it with an eye on the comic elements of it. It worked in a completely different way to how it worked in the previous film, and I think that’s really cool. It takes real imagination and confidence to see what happened before — I mean JJ knocked it out of the park with VII — then have the confidence to say, ‘I’m not just going to copy what JJ did, I’m going to develop my own thing.’ I just thought that was fantastic.And not unexpected I suppose, or shouldn’t have been, because Rian [Johnson] is so distinctly his own filmmaker.”

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Personally, I am a fan of the more capable General Hux from The Force Awakens, he lost a lot of his menacing qualities in The Last Jedi. One of the top officers in The Firs Order, Hux needs to be ruthless, and  The Last Jedi made him look more like the court jester of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Though I think the trilogy should have gone a completely different way, J.J. Abrams laid down some nice, safe groundwork to get the franchise’s rebirth. What he set up for Episode 8 was, in my opinion, a layup, and Johnson air-balled. Why Disney elected to not at least have a basic outline for the three films before beginning production, I will probably never understand.

What did you think of the way General Hux was portrayed in The Last Jedi? Let us know in the comments down below!

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 Source: RadioTimes (via ComicBookMovie)