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So we’ve come full circle. For the longest time, everyone ragged on Green Lantern for the use of CG — and more specifically the use of CG in the actual suit — but it turns out they were just ahead of the curve. Yes, we’ve known for some time that Iron Man and War Machine are almost fully-CG entities as well, but there’s a difference between a mech-type suit, and something that’s more of the skin-tight nature.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, there were plenty of instances where Spider-Man and his suit was partially or wholly CG, but it was still a suit that could — for the most part — exist in reality. There are plenty of photos of actor Tom Holland running around in an actual spandex suit, but the same cannot be said of him in his new Iron Spider suit, which he wears in Avengers: Infinity War.

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“Essentially, in this film, I have a new suit, which Tony Stark gave me. It’s an upgrade, and it’s too fantastical to exist in real life,” Holland told Graham Norton. Since it is too fantastical to actually exist, he had no real idea of how it would end up looking on him when done. “Essentially I have to wear, essentially, pajamas. I wear these pajamas with balls on them that light up. It’s super cool. It’s not. I’m on set with the Avengers who are wearing costumes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, made by the best seamstresses you can imagine, and I’m there in a suit made by Marks and Spencer.”

Marks and Spencer, I would assume, is some relatively mainstream clothing company in the U.K., but his point is understandable. This is a similar problem that actor Ray Fisher had when playing Cyborg in last year’s Justice League.

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SOURCE: The Graham Norton Show

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