– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Around San Diego Comic-Con last year, we found out that One Piece, pretty much the biggest manga series of all-time, was set to get a live-action Hollywood series. Those who are fans of the source material (as I am) likely felt a combination of excitement and dread. It’s always nice to see something you’re passionate about get the live-action treatment, but can something like One Piece be adapted for live-action?

That very question remains to be seen, but it sounds like things are still underway with the project. One Piece author Eiichiro Oda recently spoke with the editors of the English edition of Weekly Shonen Jump (the magazine One Piece runs in), and when asked if he was still excited for the series, he responded with a bit of an update.

“Yes! I met with executive producer Marty Adelstein, and our thoughts on how to adapt the series and what we want to accomplish matched up very well. We were totally on the same page about the most important thing, which was to respect the fans. So initially I was a bit anxious, but right now all I feel is excitement.”

Oda is a creator who tends to have very strong feelings about the story and world he’s creating. His general know-how in world-building is, in my opinion, unparalleled. If the producers on board with his overall vision of what a live-action series should be, I would take that as a good sign.

Though, of course, it can’t be dismissed that what could be cool for him and Adelstein may actually end up being too weird for general U.S. audiences, but I certainly hope to live long enough to see just what it is they’ve come up with. Sadly, specific details still elude us, but from what we know, the story of the TV series will indeed start at the beginning, in the East Blue arc.

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SOURCE: Weekly Shonen Jump

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