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Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo enlisted the film’s villain to be the poster boy for an anti-spoiler campaign before the film’s release. Asking fans not to spoil it for their friends and family that hadn’t yet seen the movie. Marvel fans themselves worked hard to avoid spoilers, I know some people who stayed offline until they had time to see the film. Little did we all know that the San Diego Comic-Con poster for the film gave away most of the plot, all one had to do was take a closer look at it.

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The news comes from the r/marvelstudios part of Reddit from user aliyaghi. You can check out the graphic below.

[SPOILERS] Who’d have thought that you can see the whole plot in the very first official Infinity War poster! from marvelstudios

Wow, most everything is right there on the poster. Gamora being separated from the rest of the Guardians, the teaming up of Thor, Rocket, and Groot (which was just a fantastic team in my opinion), along with a fully stocked Infinity Gauntlet and the trees indicating where the film’s final showdown would take place. This was pretty clever. The Russo brothers campaign compelling fans not to spoil the film, all the while they placed nearly the entire plot right in front of us.

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Source: r/marvelstudios (via ScreenRant)