– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I’ve said it half a million times, but Avengers: Infinity War is set to bring together almost every superhero we’ve seen over the course of the past ten years. After 18 films, we’ll be seeing interactions that only really existed in our own mind canons. But no longer. Thanos is coming to Earth, and with it, he is bringing enough death and destruction to warrant an unprecedented team-up.

For the first time, it won’t just be Avengers taking on a foe, but the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. This brings up a very specific question: do the Guardians count as Avengers in this film, or are they still their own thing? In the grand scheme of things, is being an Avenger more important and more prestigious than being a Guardian — enough so that Peter Quill will be willing to ditch their homemade nomenclature?

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Speaking with Empire, actor Chris Pratt gave his two cents.:

“Peter’s always going to be a Guardian. I’ll let the fan decide that. I’m not sure what the right answer to that is, in case I give away too much. But it was important to us, going into this, that the Guardians have a different style. Avengers has its own tone but in a way that allows the Guardians to remain the Guardians, in terms of what they bring and what people will expect to see from them.”

Sadly, Pratt didn’t give us a definitive answer, but I think that in and of itself is a bit of an answer. It’s very likely that, while the two groups will team up with one another, there won’t be an addressing of who is a Guardian and who is an Avengers, and it really doesn’t matter too much, does it?

At the end of the day, these two groups are coming together, and when we see them standing back-to-back in what’s sure to be a mind-blowingly epic whip-around shot, fans will see no borders between the teams, just all-around badassery.

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SOURCE: Empire (via CinemaBlend)

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