– by Kyle Malone

Well, folks, we knew it was coming. Whether by story or by contract, Chris Evans is not long for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now we get word from The Winter Soldier Himself that he doesn’t know if he will take up the Red, White, And Blue after the inevitable departure of Steven Rogers.

The Winter Soldier himself mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live that no one has spoken to him about taking over for Evans after Avengers 4. This saddens me a little bit. We all know that the shield has been held by both the Falcon and Bucky and that one of these two amazing characters NEED to pick it up after Rogers’s departure, but there is plenty of debate as to who it should be.

I personally want to see a bit of the Ed Brubaker storyline play out on screen. He is the comics writer that helped “kill” off Steve Rogers following the Civil War comic book event and wrote Bucky as the new Captain America. Bucky had a fancy new suit with the classic shield and of course, carried a gun. An interesting aside is the fact that The Punisher himself, Frank Castle took up the mantle of Captain America for a bit following Steve’s death, but alas he was too violent… go figure.


Now, Falcon has been wearing the colors of Cap for a while in the comics, and him being chosen as the next shield bearer in the movies would elevate a minority character in the eyes of many. That’s why the next casting of Captain America could be divisive. Some feel Bucky as the logical choice story wise, while others are looking for a broader picture. no matter where you fall on this spectrum, the choice will be upon us before we know it. Avengers 4 hits May 3rd 2019.

Who do you want to see don the Star Spangled Banner and carry the shield? Let us know in the comments below!

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SOURCE: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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