– by Seth McDonald

Even though he has hung up his claws, and it seems not even Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool can convince him to come back, Hugh Jackman will always be remembered as Wolverine (among other riles, but let’s be real, for us nerds, he is Wolverine). Having played the character for over two decades, he may be more associated with the role than any other actor/character combination .

As it turns out, before he took on the role, Jackman wasn’t really familiar at all with Wolverine or the X-Men. And as far as acting goes, this is likely more the rule than the exception. Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Jackman explained his lack of comic book knowledge.

“Embarrassingly, I didn’t know what a wolverine was…. And I presumed it was a made-up name for the comic book. I’d never read an X-Men comic. I’d never seen a wolverine… So I presumed it was a wolf.”

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Even though Jackman was lacking the background knowledge, I think all, or at least most of can agree he was the right man for the job. Of course at some point, the character will be rebooted and a new actor will become the Wolverine. I had hopes it would be Tom Hardy, he was always my #1 choice, however with the success of Venom that seems less likely.

Who would you cast as the next Wolverine? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert