– by Seth McDonald

According to WB Shop, one of the more beloved iterations of Batman is finally going to get its release on Blu-Ray. Batman: The Animated Series will see its release to the platform in 2018.  The news was announced yesterday via Twitter. The show, which began in 1992, marked the beginnings of a comic love affair with two well known voice actors, Kevin Conroy as Batman, and Mark Hamill as The Joker. The series is also where Harley Quinn was introduced and eventually adopted into DC canon.

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Below its the tweet that announced the release:

This was hands down my favorite show to come home from school and watch. While it was considered a kids show, it was pretty edgy for the times. I watched the Michael Keaton Batman films and enjoyed them, but the series was everything. There was so much more than the films and in many ways was a school for the basis of my extended Batman knowledge, as comic books weren’t yet a thing among my social circle.

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  • Victor Roa

    the only thing we should worry is that Bruce Timm doesn’t enjoy digital clean up and likes to see flaws in animation like the messed up bat logo in “Heart of Ice”. That’s kind of cool like saying the pops on vinyl records but as we grow older it’s kinda nice to have the colors pop as everything ages.

  • 5_deadly_venoms

    Best Batman series EVER!!

  • Mr Smart

    This series has aged beyond poorly. With its multiple pronoun violations, in the title alone, frequently highlighting heterosexual relationships, depictions of men as masculine and huindividuals who identify as femayle as feminine, lack of at least 40% openly homosexual characters and absolutely no transgendered huindividuals… to say nothing of an almost entirely white main and supporting cast, it’s an ancient relic reminding us of how backwards and openly bigoted the world we live in was… and is.

    I do look forward to the Bluray release as every copy should be boycotted and only purchased with the expressed intent of publicly burning it as protest to this show’s racism and misogyny as well as it’s endorsement of police brutality.

    • KilliK’s mother

      You should make your own version of Bat-huperoffspring where the gun-individual doesn’t kill Bruce’s mother, and only shoots off the father’s genitals, forcing him to withdrawal from society and give up any and all rights to raising Bruce, only existing to supply maintenance and child support. Then Bruce’s mother gets rid of old white man Alfred and finds a lesbian Muslim Latina. This leads Bruce to be raised in an ideal environment, where xe can learn to help villains find their inner feminism.