Behind You Interview: Talking Shooting And Haunted Houses With Star Philip Brodie

LRM Online had the opportunity to speak with Philip Brodie, one of the stars of the upcoming horror film Behind You. In our conversations, we discuss the house that makes up the location of the film, shooting at night, and much more!

Below is the official synopsis for Behind You:

“Two young sisters, sent to live with their estranged Aunt, find that all the mirrors in her house are covered or hidden. When one of the sisters happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon that had haunted her mother and aunt years ago.”

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Check out the full interview below! Behind You hits VOD tomorrow!

LRM Online: So, it’s nice to have you and to talk about Behind You. I have to say after watching that movie, I mean, I don’t know how I feel about mirrors now.

Brodie: I know, I know. I mean, you know how it is when you’re look at yourself in the mirror and yeah, sometimes you really can’t quite see yourself anyway. So yeah, there’s definitely scope for horrors in the mirror I think.

LRM Online: So how did that work out for you? I mean, especially for you. I mean that was just a viewer.

Brodie: The film itself or just the action with the horror stuff in general?

LRM Online: What would you say was majorly spooky during for the film for you?

Brodie: Shooting at night. We filmed the whole thing during the night, so night shoots always create a different vibe anyway. Everyone gets very quiet because everyone’s tired and they’re conserving energy. So the focus on creating something scary, comes a bit more easily when you’re shooting at night I think. The house is great. It was a really great weird sort of old… The decor and everything was really bizarre and dated. So we all felt like we were stepping into this kind of time capsule already. And then the idea that this woman and her friend Charles have been around this house for a long time. That in itself felt like we were just sort of trapped in time really. And that was nice to play with it I think. I think that sort of added an interesting element to the horror.

LRM Online: Where was this filmed? Was this house a regular home that was just set up for the film or was it one of those homes that kind of have a history or rumors about being haunted. Sometimes on some of these films they use-

Brodie: Yeah. No, I don’t think I had any particular history. The house was laying empty. It was due to be sold and we managed to get off the realtor for the shooting. It was in Utah. We shot it in a private estate in the hills. It’s a really interesting kind of old, I say old, for America old, house. I don’t know exactly who owned it, but it had been sitting empty for quite a while. I’d say we were really lucky to get hold of it.

LRM Online: Okay. Well, Phil, how did you get involved into this project Behind You?

Brodie: So I have worked with Andrew Mecham before. I acted in a film which he was one of the producers on. And so when it came to his directorial debut, he asked me to get involved. So yes, I worked with Andrew before and it was a pleasure. He flew me over to do it. It was great fun.

LRM Online: And just out of curiosity, and I’m sure you get this asked based on this film, have you had any paranormal experiences in the past?

Brodie: Not yet. Not yet but I’m totally open to it. So, yeah. I’m not adverse to the idea that there are spirits floating around us. I hope I get to experience that.

LRM Online: Great. So what was it like during the filming? It was a small cast, but it was a good cast. You had the three gals, Elizabeth, Addy, and then you had Jan and Aimee-Lynn briefly? I know that she was in there. But how was it working with the cast and where were the challenges, the filming?

Brodie: It was great. They were really great. Jan is wonderful, wonderful actress and she’s obviously had a really interesting history. I don’t know if you know anything about Jan, but you can see a little bit about her life in a documentary on Netflix. But she’s had a really… In fact the documentary about her life, she was doing interviews about during filming. She was going out to Dr. Phil And doing all sorts of things. So Jan has had a really interesting life. Addy and Lizzie were just very lovely. They were like sisters. When we weren’t shooting they’re just playing together and they’re a lot of fun. And Aimee was just strong and funny and just a great addition to the film. They were all a pleasure to work with. And, and as I say, we were shooting nights, but everyone got along and it was good. It was a really great fun, very nice job to work on. And I only watched the film the first time a few days ago and I think it turned out well considering the budget, the size of the cast. It’s definitely got its own style, even though it’s an old genre type of horror film. It’s still stands up to films now. I think it’s good.

LRM Online: Can we discuss one of the scenes? Let’s see, how do I ask without giving anything away. Just when you think everything has come to conclusion then it’s like, start all over. I mean that scene where you have Claire being dragged, taken. I mean how was that scene filmed?

Brodie: Yeah, that was…

LRM Online: That was very unexpected.

Brodie: Yeah. And Lizzie did all her own stunts. It was a case of the essentially using a lot of bungee cord and with some strong men and Lizzie being up for it. And she was great. She was really, really great. They wanted to obviously have this false ending and which a lot of horror fans obviously have. And yeah that was a nice little sort of moment in the film. But it’s down to Lizzie being super brave and she is. She’s a really brave young girl. So, she meant she made it work really well.

LRM Online: Yeah, she was really good. She was really good in there. And then what would you say was the toughest scene for you? I think I have the one that might be in mind, but you might think different for your scenes.

Brodie: What would I say would be my favorite scene?

LRM Online: Your most challenging scene.

Brodie: A challenging scene. Well it’s funny because I’ve done… Probably some of the action stuff and Charles has a scene near the end, which is challenging. And unfortunately, if I sort of talk about it too much I will give it away, but it’s physically challenging and trying to make something believable. That’s obviously what an actor is always trying to do. And so yeah, there was a scene near the end where Charles had a kind of horrific meeting and that was probably the most challenging scene. Yeah.

LRM Online: And the film keeps that a bit of mystery still on what really happened.

Brodie: Yeah I liked the cut. I had seen bits of it before. I liked the cut because I think it good film makes you try and fill in the blanks yourself. If a film is just giving you all the answers to everything and you’re not questioning anything and you’re not saying what did that bit mean? I think it’s not a good film. I think it’s just spoon feeding the audience. But yeah, I like the fact that you’re having to question a few things.

LRM Online: Yeah, I definitely did. Well to finalize, is there something you can share that you might be working on or have already completed?

Brodie: The next thing, I’m actually down to do another horror film actually. It’s going to be a year of horror films. I’m going to be working on a project called Mud Brick in Serbia and it’s a film that is more akin to Midsommar or Hereditary or something that’s kind of a bit more… it’s about Slavic culture and folklore and myth. It’ll be shot like quite a realistic film but it’s based in some traditional Slavic myth and Serbian culture. And there’s some really sort of interesting dark, culture or sort of mythology in Serbia. So it should be very interesting. And I meant to be shooting that hope at the end of the year with again a first time director and the production company is called MIR media. So that should be really cool. That should be cool.

LRM Online: Sounds exciting. Sounds interesting. Well then the viewers will be watching Behind You this Friday release on Amazon Prime and iTunes April 17th correct?

Brodie: Yes. That’s great. I believe so. I believe so. Yeah. I’ll be looking out for it myself.

LRM Online: Give all of us something to view at this time.

Brodie: Yeah, totally. Yeah, it’s good we’ve got some time on our hands. So hopefully Behind You will be watched by the masses.

LRM Online: Yes. Well, thank you so much, and you take care and you stay safe.

Brodie: Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate it and you too.

Behind You is set to hit VOD tomorrow on April 17!

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