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Producer DeVon Franklin has been trying to stoke the flames of his Masters of The Universe movie. Ever since the changing of the guard over at Sony, the film’s future has been a little up in the air. On twitter, he’s been telling people that the project coming to life is entirely dependent on the new head at Sony, Tom Rothman. But, in the mean time, that hasn’t stopped him from releasing things via his account to try and get fans talking.

Earlier this week, he dropped this piece of concept art for Battle Cat, He-Man’s trusty steed:

A few weeks ago, he released the logo the film would use, should it move forward.

You can’t blame the guy for trying to keep this thing alive. In the age we live in, where fantastical films based on fanboy properties are doing so well, there’s reason to believe that Masters of The Universe could be a hit if handled the right way. This would be the first big screen take on He-Man and his friends since 1987’s Masters of The Universe, which starred Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella. 

What sort of tone would you want this to take, if it happened? Something cosmic and epic like the Thor movies? Something more self-aware and comedic like Starsky and Hutch, or a light and bouncy sci-fi romp like Guardians of The Galaxy? Discuss.

SOURCE: Twitter