Big Hero 6 MCU Rumor Debunked – Original Source Doubles Down

This week we already covered a rumor about Big Hero 6 MCU involvement. According to scoopers at DisInsider, characters from the Big Hero 6 film were going to be coming into the live-action world of the MCU. However, since that initial report, Variety has debunked this claim and said there are no plans for a Big Hero 6 MCU connection.

Now, Variety are a tier 1 source for scoops, due to their connections in the industry, i.e. they are a trade. So normally when something like this happens, the little guy backs down because it’s hard to go against such a source. In this instance though, the folks at DisInsider have gone against the trade and doubled down. What is interesting especially, is that when this has happened previously with DisInsider, they have accepted they were wrong and moved on. So what gives?

Check out the most recent post from Skyler Shuler below.

Shuler said previous to this that Disney have used the trade to debunk the claim because it’s true. Now, this might seem a crazy claim to many Marvel fans out there, but, it’s happened before. No specifics, but this practice has been used before, and many outlets including LRM knew what the score was. What I will say is that when this has happened the outlets normally do not double down. Going against the trade, is like going against Disney themselves.

I’m not saying this is what happened here, but Shuler did say so on social media. So we have two possibilities. Either Variety is right and Shuler is annoyed his source gave him duff info and is handling it badly. Or, Shuler is right and this was not information Disney wanted out there this early in the game.

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Where I hit a brick wall in this specific instance though is the end result. When I have seen the practice used before, it has never been for something that could actually happen as originally scooped. Again, I am loathe to get into specifics here. Essentially what I am saying is, if some Big Hero 6 MCU connections ever do happen, Shuler gets proved correct and Variety wrong. That, I don’t expect, is a position Variety would allow themselves to be manipulated into.

However, the one caveat the trade may have is the fact they said this at the close of their article.

“There is always the possibility that Marvel Studios could turn to “Big Hero 6” in the future.”

So, if a Big Hero 6 MCU connection is announced two years from now, did Variety really get it wrong? The claim would simply be that the decisions were made long after that original scoop. Ergo, here is my conclusion/hypothesis. We have to go with the trade here. However, whilst I doubt we will see any Big Hero 6 MCU appearance soon, don’t completely rule it out.

You of course feel free to draw your own conclusions from this situation. I honestly did not like the idea of a Big Hero 6 MCU appearance in the first place. What about you? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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