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Once upon a time in the DC Extended Universe, it was kind of assumed that there would be one uniform tone across the board. All we’d had at first were two Zack Snyder films, and as such, a darker, more grounded tone is what was expected from other future flicks. So expected was this approach that it’s since become a punchline and a consistent incorrect assumption made from fans.

The past few movies proved that DC wasn’t just a film for dour tales, but a place where fun can thrive, and that goes double for the upcoming Shazam!, which is set to feature a Big-like tone. But what about the Black Adam film? Given that it’s likely to connect with Shazam!, can we expect a more uniform tone between them? Hiram Garcia, the head of Seven Bucks Production (The Rock’s production company) recently spoke to that idea with Collider.

“Seven Bucks helped develop Shazam and while the film exists in the same universe as our upcoming Black Adam film, both projects have their own unique tone and vibe. We’re so excited with how the movie turned out and Zachary Levi is perfect as Shazam.”

“Not only is he an extremely talented big guy, that got even bigger for the role. But his good-natured spirit comes through wonderfully when having to portray a 14-year-old in the body of a superhero. This movie is a lot of fun!”

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Okay, so while Shazam! looks like it could be fun, it’s very possible Black Adam could be a swing in the complete opposite direction in terms of tone. In fact, I would kind of love it if it was a dark and dour tone, because in the film where the two meet, it would be a fun juxtaposition between the tones — almost like how Cable and Deadpool interacted in Deadpool 2.

What do you think of Garcia’s comments? Is it a good idea to have these two films feel different? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments! And be sure to give me a follow on Twitter at @JAMTheWriter!

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SOURCE: Collider

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