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Black Panther may have spent most of its runtime concerning itself with the country of Wakanda, its inhabitants, and its own problems, but it did have a few non-Wakandans take center stage for a bit.

On the bad guy front, we got the likes of Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger, but on the good front, we got to see the return of the cocky, smarmy Agent Everett Ross, who we were first introduced to in Captain America: Civil War. He had a much more pivotal role this time around (though he never took the focus away from our other heroes), and I was honestly surprised just how much I ended up liking him.

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But can we expect to see more of him in the future? Speaking with Den of Geek, actor Martin Freeman, who plays the agent, was asked if the studio had given him an idea of what the future held for the character. Freeman responded:

“They did. They did. They introduced me in Civil War and said there would be a couple of other films, one of which was Black Panther. So that was always on the cards. And I knew I’d have more to do in Black Panther than I had to do in Civil War. That was very much just the kind of introduction to who Ross was.”

From the sound of it, this means we could be seeing the last of the character in his next appearance. But don’t pour one out for Ross just yet, as it’s always possible for the studio to renew his contract based on where the story takes things. If he makes it through the Avengers films (assuming he shows up in them), a Black Panther sequel seems inevitable, and having him be an integral part of whatever that sequel is could be the way to go, especially given his expertise on Wakanda in the comics.

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SOURCE: Den Of Geek

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