– by Joseph Jammer Medina

As great as Marvel Studios movies are, they aren’t really known for their incredibly deep villainous characters. With the exception of Loki, and perhaps even Zemo, they’re often only used as obstacles for our heroes to overcome. It’s a weakness, for sure, but it’s also one that has allowed audiences to really fall in love with the heroes themselves, which is incredibly important for a long-running cinematic universe like this.

But how will Black Panther handle this? In all honesty, as great as both Michael B. Jordan and Andy Serkis are as actors, the trailers for the upcoming film don’t exactly look like the most nuanced of folk. But does that mean they’ll be bad? Not necessarily. And if Jordan’s comments to Empire are any indication, his take on Killmonger may be a memorable one.

“It took me to a dark place. Honestly, I can’t really go through all I went through to get into it because I want to keep that close to me. But it stuck with me afterwards. Chadwick’s a very talented dude. There’s a lot of physical moments and action sequences throughout this film that cause us to really challenge ourselves, and also fall deeper into character.”

This honestly does help get me a bit more excited for the film as a whole. Going into it, I expected to love pretty much every second with Chadwick Boseman on screen. Now, with these comments from Jordan, I’m interested to see just how dark this guy goes in the movie.

What do you think? Do his comments help you look forward to Killmonger, and the film in general? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Empire

  • secretAGENTman

    You’re an actor paid a lot to play ‘pretend.’


    • 2 Left Thumbs

      Why the hate? He just said he committed hard to that “pretending”, and that he thinks/hopes that will yield a strong performance.

      • secretAGENTman

        Hate? That is your word. Nowhere did I say as such.

        • syambo87

          you think someone who tells you to “Shut Up” AND calls you a Narcissist Baby at the same time doesn’t Hate you?… so is it a compliment? or you like the actor but don’t like them beating around the bush with all these “trying to be politically correct answers” like during interviews asking actors what are the difference between directors… they all say they both are nice in their own way… when everyone wants to know… who’s the real tyrant behind the scenes…

          • secretAGENTman

            Good question.

            I also appreciate your query, and it being fairly asked, and generally neutral.

            I won’t be around the bush myself. I have worked in talent management for almost 30 years, now at a very high-level. Over the years, I have mangemed tbe careers of many actors, thespians, and the wannabes (the soap/CW model ‘actors’). Yes, you’d probably known the names and faces of many of my clients, be it literature, production, performers, and artists. As you noted, (I have always gravitated towards) actors who don’t beat around the bush, who are represent as humble, passionate, pragmatic, and direct clients. I have had clients that note taped on the dark places, and in some cases they have turned to addiction, and I have lost more than one. So it always concerns me and frustrates me when I see something like this. Now he doesn’t seem to be that type, but it does always cost me some consternation on many levels.

            Generally, this is my personal preference. It is perhaps judgement. Some will agree, others will not.

          • syambo87

            i like how Adam Driver when asked about playing a villain role… he doesn’t think its a villain… its a person who thinks they’re right… thinks everyone else is wrong and does what ever he can to do what he believes is right and stop anyone who comes in his way… in some form of delusioned reality… or maybe everybody elses reality is deluded… he didn’t say it in those exact words… similar response to Madds Mikkelsen’s on playing Kaecilius…

          • secretAGENTman

            I remember reading both, you’re spot on. It hit home for me when one of my actors went too method adict/anarchist, into his own darkness, and overdosed. Such life wasted on overdoing it, taxing one’s soul and self.

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