– by Emmanuel Gomez

Earlier this week, we got the news that there are talks between Sony and Vin Diesel to play Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot in his feature film that part of a five-film deal. Currently, the only other Valiant title that has been announced to be in development is Harbinger. Unlike very well known catalogs of characters over at Marvel and DC Comics, the ones at Valiant may be a bit obscure to those who only stick to the big two publisher, but trust me when I say that you are missing out. The team over at Valiant do a fantastic job at recruiting quality talent and put together some great stories that lead to fantastic cross overs. With that said let’s look at the character that has recently been in the news light, Bloodshot.


Bloodshot aka Ray Garrison is a living weapon. Project Rising Spirit implanted nanties into his bloodstream that gave him enhanced strength, speed, regeneration and is able to control technology with just a thought. They are even able to help him survive extreme heat and cold. When Project Rising Spirit injected him the nanites, they also wiped his memory and implanted him with several fictional families to help them control Bloodshot. These fictional wives and children would motivate him to complete whatever task they set for him at all cost.

Bloodshot was first appeared in the comic book scene in Valiant Comic’s Eternal Warrior #4 in November of 1992. He was created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. Instead of looking that far back, we will focus our attention starting from the 2012 Valiant relaunch. In July of that year, Bloodshot was re-introduced to the world in Bloodshot #1 written by Duane Swierczynski and artwork by Arturo Lozzi and Manuel Garcia.

Through the first twenty-five issues of Bloodshot, we have to opportunity to see the more of the robot nanite-controlled Blooshot that we will probably see in films. But things get interesting during the four-issue event in 2015 called The Valiant by Jeff Lemire, where the Geomancer Kay McHenry is able to remove the nanites from his body. This leads us to Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot Reborn.

It’s here where we finally get to see the human side of Bloodshot as Ray Garrison. But the removal of his nanties came with a catch, they had dispersed and found a series of new hosts that turned the people into crazed killers. Feeling a sense of responsibility for the nanites, Ray journeys to recover them and eventually reabsorbs them back into his bloodstream, once again becoming Bloodshot. But he comes out with a new perspective as well a girlfriend named Magic.

Later during Bloodshot U.S.A., Project Rising Spirit forms a type of contagious nanite dispersion prototype that can turn an entire city into an Army of indestructible soldiers. Unfortunately, the contagion has been released into New York City affecting all men, woman, and children. Bloodshot must find a way to stop the spread of the contagion before it destroys New York. This a four-part series also written by Jeff Lemire with artwork by Doug Braithwaite.

Currently we can find Bloodshot in his solo series, Bloodshot Salvation with Lemire still on board as the writer and Lewis DeRosa and Mico Suayan as the artist. In this series we first find Bloodshot now “settled down” with Magic with their newborn daughter Jessie. But Magic’s past comes to haunt her as psycho father named Daddy keeps calling and harassing their family. In an attempt to protect his family, Bloodshot travels to Ohio and confront Daddy. But that goes horribly wrong as his nanites are shut down by the paramilitary contractor Omen. So while Bloodshot finds himself alone and powerless, his daughter Jessie develops nanites of her own and Omen knows it.

Lemire has done such a great job at taking the Termiantor/Robocop-like character and giving him a well balanced human side. I recommend starting from the rebooted series all the way to the current Bloodshot Salvation series. I have no doubt that you will find a great appreciation for this character and the great storytelling that takes us from the present, the past and even hundreds of years into the future.

Why is this character relevant now? Well as we talked about in the beginning, Bloodshot will be a featured character in at least one of the five-film deal with Sony. Also in the soon to be released web series by Bat In The Sun called Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe, Bloodshot will appear being played by Power Ranger alumni Jason David Frank. So we will be seeing a lot of this character in the near future. For that reason, this would be a great time to pick up some of his books get to know Bloodshot aka Ray Garrison.

What do you think of this character? Is this a character you would like to see on the big screen? Let us know your thoughts below!

Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot Salivation #5 is available at comic book shops everywhere today!

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