– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While comic book properties may currently be stronger than ever — with tons of adaptations spanning both TV and film — it’s not always clear where they stand relative to one another. Marvel changed the game when it established its own cinematic universe, and since then, it’s been a formula others have been trying to emulate — namely DC and Fox, who have their own comic book properties. It’s not always easy to tell which properties connect with others.

Marvel Studios films all connect with one another, and their respective TV shows also reside within that universe, but the films never reference the TV shows. DC has completely split their universes, and currently have a few — The DC Extended Universe (which covers the movies), the Arrow-verse (which covers the CW shows), and Gotham (which is just kinda…hangin’ out). Fox currently has the X-Men Cinematic Universe, which contains all the X-Men films, Wolverine films, and Deadpool (which will be getting a sequel soon), but they’ve never suffered any confusion on the TV front because, well, they never had a TV show. 

It’s with all this in mind that Legion was announced. While logic would dictate that the lead character in Legion is undoubtedly a character Fox would have the rights to on the film front, TV is a bit murkier. In order to do this, they’d need to do it in tandem with Marvel Television — which they have done. This made its overall placement in these universes a big question mark. Would Legion take place in the MCU, the XCU, or would it be completely off on its own.

At an Edinburgh Television Festival session, X-Men director Bryan Singer addressed which universe Legion would fit into, stating that it was “part of the X-Men universe, but when you watched it, you wouldn’t have to label it, it could exist completely on its own.” 

That wasn’t all. In addition to that, he stated the series “will relate to future X-Men movies.”

Of course, just how they’ll connect remains to be seen — I doubt even Singer really knows the answer to that question at this point. Unlike the MCU, the XCU wasn’t really planned, and evolved organically over time. Chances are, we’ll see a similar approach with Legion in that they’ll cross that bridge if they ever decide to get to it.

Does this comment from Singer get you more excited to check out Legion? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Legion is set to hit FX early 2017.

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