– by Joseph Jammer Medina

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where does the James Bond franchise need to go next for the new generation of films?

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In this latest episode of Los Fanboys, Jammer is joined by new LRM contributor Kyle Malone. We start off the episode with a bit of a downer topic in the form of an update on the James Gunn fiasco before immediately diving into a much lighter topic: the Iron Fist Season 2 trailer. From there, we ask the question of whether or not Game of Thrones can actually live up to all the hype surrounding the conclusion?

We touch on James Bond and Mulan before diving deep into Star Wars and the recent news surrounding a canceled spin-off film before ending with the rumors regarding the Kingsman 3 and Kingsman: The Great Game films.


00:00:00 – James Gunn update.
00:10:35 – Iron Fist Season 2 trailer reactions.
00:25:35 – Can Game of Thrones’ ending live up to expectations?
00:33:30 – Where does the James Bond franchise need to go next?
00:43:25 – Mulan image reactions.
00:49:35 – Star Wars spin-off film canceled.
01:06:10 – Kingsman sequels updates.

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