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It pains me to say this, but the DC Extended Universe is having a bit of a rough time with their PR. While I have enjoyed each of their films so far, fandom is far less forgiving than I, and I know a good number of people who will be ready to drop the franchise entirely if Wonder Woman isn’t great. As ambitious as Warner Bros has been about these movies, they don’t seem to have hit the mark with fans.

This perception is putting an unfair amount of weight on Wonder Woman. No film deserves to be under this amount of pressure, but here we are. So can it actually live up to it? Will this be the ones to have fans turn over a new leaf?

Recently some outlets had a chance to visit the edit bay of the film in England, and so far, the response is largely positive.

At this point, it’s important to note that outlets only had a chance to see the first twenty some-odd minutes of the film, so for all we know it could go off a steep cliff. That being said, this amount of positive can’t really be ignored.

Birth Movies Death stated that while they can’t be sure it’ll be a great film, if it DOES turn out bad, “I can guarantee it won’t be due to cynicism, laziness or lack of love for the character. I’ve only seen a fraction of the film, but it was enough that make that assertion confident.”

Collider looked at the relationship established between Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman, and celebrated their back-and-forth:

“Watching the dynamic between Wonder Woman and Trevor makes you realize how foreign this kind of sweetness has been to DCEU movies. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman are largely humorless, and the jokes in Suicide Squad fall flat. To see a DCEU movie display warmth and charm, especially in a tricky relationship like the one between Wonder Woman and Trevor, is immensely reassuring.”

A lot of praise was also thrown to its action centerpiece. While the DC Extended Universe has action in spades, the outlets point to this one’s effectiveness due to its character-driven nature. It wasn’t action for action’s sake, but it was used as a method for revealing Wonder Woman’s strong character.

While it’s far too early to say whether or not this can truly turn things around, this is a positive spin to what’s largely been a negative narrative.

What do you think? Will Wonder Woman be the one to turn things around for the DC Extended Universe? Let us know in the comments down below!

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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SOURCE: Collider, BMD, Screen Rant

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