– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I seriously do have to commend the writers on The Flash and how they’re able to make things work consistently each season. While the series does have plenty of logic issues — with concepts that fold completely if you think about them for too long — it’s well within the forgivable range for a story that follows a man that can run really fast. Their main skill seems to be in the execution of incredibly ambitious storylines.

Going into Season 2 last year, it would’ve been easy to botch the whole multiverse angle. They could have introduced too much too soon and completely thrown off viewers. But instead they managed to somehow execute the story with baby steps, introducing things exactly when they need and milking them for as long as they needed in order for things to make sense. In between, they’d give audiences breathing room with some lighthearted, yet somehow relevant, subplots.

The same seems to be happening with this season. Last episode, we got to see the whole Flashpoint story. It ended all too quickly, and while many lamented its shortness, the writers have promised to make sure it has some long term ramifications. We’ve only seen glimpses of this so far, and in true Flash fashion, I imagine we’ll only see bits and pieces of as the season goes on. Perhaps one of the biggest changes, however, comes in the form of Tom Felton’s character, Julian, who is set to be introduced in tonight’s episode.

Take a look at the intro video below!

That’s right. One of the ramifications of Flashpoint appears to be a fellow CSI tech who, for some reason or another, seems to hate Barry Allen. You can check out the clip below that very clearly gets that disdain across to viewers.

How Julian will fit into the plot for Season 3 is unclear as of now, though some fans are speculating that he will be an iteration of Doctor Alchemy — a name that’s used for several different characters in DC comics, all of which are associated with the Flash. As of right now, it’s hard to gauge whether or not this is accurate — we haven’t even seen the character in the context of a full episode yet, so I don’t have much to offer in the way of speculation.

That being said, it’s something to look out for.

The Flash airs on the CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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