– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Rewind to about a year ago, and the internet was full of speculation as to who would take on the role of Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios’ first female superhero. Up at the top of that list was the badass Emily Blunt, who made an impression on filmgoers as Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow. Without a doubt, the skills learned in that film would carry over to Captain Marvel.

Given how hot Blunt’s career is, and how seemingly perfect she was for the role, it made sense that she’d be up at the top of Marvel’s list, right? Of course, we know that Brie Larson eventually got the role, but Blunt HAD to be up there on the list, yes? It doesn’t sound like it.

“Oh, no, nobody ever called me about it. [Laughs] It was all untrue!”

So there you go. I guess we can put that rumor to bed, even if it didn’t really matter at this point. That being said, who’s to say that she wasn’t being looked at internally? Again, it really doesn’t matter at this point, but at least Blunt is open up for future potential superheroes. If that’s what you’re holding onto, then you may be disappointed. When asked if she’d be interested in playing a superhero, Blunt said:

“I mean, I think Mary Poppins is a superhero, so I’ll just say that she’s my superhero…I’ll say it’s her. Listen, she can fly, she has superpowers, she’s magical. I’ll just go with Mary Poppins.”

Not a bad answer, but it’s sure to be one that disappoints fans who were hoping to see her join up with the Avengers down the line. Then again, never say never in Hollywood, Give an actor enough money and a great character, and the unexpected tends to happen.

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SOURCE: ScreenCrush

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