– by Joseph Jammer Medina

People said it couldn’t be done. People said Brie Larson’s comments had shot the whole production in the foot. But here we are, several days after its release on the world, and Captain Marvel is doing pretty damn well for itself by pretty much any standard imaginable. This movie is making bank, and its success hasn’t stopped at the weekend, as THR is reporting.

According to the outlet, Captain Marvel has just crossed a big milestone: $500 million worldwide. Given the film’s $150 million budget, chances are good it’s officially gone into the black, so everything this point forward is just icing on the cake. The super has more than justified her existence in the canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from a financial standpoint, and is more than likely guaranteed sequels in the years to come (not to mention further involvement in the MCU post-Endgame).

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Another huge milestone is that this movie has officially pushed the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe over the $18 billion mark in terms of its worldwide box office revenue. Given that it is the 21st film in the franchise, that means, on average, these movies have taken in $850 million apiece. That’s not even taking into consideration how much more modestly these movies performed early on (like the first Captain America made $370 million worldwide), or that Captain Marvel still has a bright future ahead.

So, yeah. Great news for Marvel Studios and great news for Marvel Studios fans, that’s for sure!

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