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Star Wars Rey Sequel Will Not Film In April 24′ As Recent Rumors Claimed | Barside Buzz

Despite some recent Barside Buzz saying otherwise, the Star Wars Rey sequel will not film in April 24' after all. The original source for this April buzz came from the Production List outlet. Just have

Star Wars Rey Sequel Cast Already Signed? | Barside Buzz

Bit of a strange piece of Barside Buzz today, namely a sort of claim that the Star Wars Rey sequel movie cast may already be signed. To start with we should look at some of

Marvel Reportedly Still Searching For Spider-Man 4 Director | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz Marvel are reportedly still searching for their Spider-Man 4 director. For no particular reason I think most fans assumed Jon Watts would be back for another trilogy. Yet, apart

Dafne Keen As X23 In Deadpool 3 Plus Nova Series Becomes A Movie | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Marvel Barside Buzz Dafne Keen set to reprise role as X23 in Deadpool 3 plus the Nova series becomes a movie. These claims come from Daniel RPK's Patreon service. RPK has

Olivia Williams Cast As Queen Morgase In The Wheel Of Time Season 3 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest fantasy Barside Buzz, Olivia Williams has been cast as Queen Morgase in The Wheel of Time Season 3. It has not been confirmed Williams is definitely playing Morgase! Hence the Barside

Marvel To Evaluate Kang And Won’t Rush Doctor Doom As Replacement | Barside Buzz

According to the Barside Buzz Marvel has plenty of time to evaluate the current Kang situation and they won't rush Doctor Doom as a replacement. The information comes from Alex P at TCC, who explained

MCU Rumors Part 2 – Sam Raimi Wanted For Doctor Strange 3 – Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars Plus More | Barside Buzz

Here is part 2 of our MCU rumors today, this time we hear Sam Raimi is wanted for Doctor Strange 3, but he's also in contention for The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, plus more

MCU Rumors Part 1 – Cillian Murphy Wanted For Doctor Doom – Marvel Confident In Deadpool 3 | Barside Buzz

There's been a lot of MCU rumors this weekend folks, in part 1 we have Cillian Murphy tipped for Doctor Doom and a confident Marvel predicts success for Deadpool 3. Plus we have a few

Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored To Be Eyed For Villain Role in Fantastic Four | Barside Buzz

The latest Marvel Barside Buzz is that Anya Taylor-Joy is reportedly being eyed for a villain role in Fantastic Four. Which villain is not stated, but I think we can be pretty sure it is

Leaked Audition Scripts For Wheel Of Time Season 3 Preview Two Rivers Plot | Barside Buzz

Some recently leaked audition scripts for The Wheel of Time Season 3 seem to preview the Two Rivers plot. Season 3 is close to finishing production with only one or two more location shoots to