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Xbox Leaks Were (Kinda) True & Madame Web Has Awful Reception | D-COG

Xbox Leaks Were (Kinda) True & Madame Web Has Awful Reception | D-COG Today, Kyle discusses last week's Xbox news that exclusives ARE heading to other consoles, and the Madame Web reception and box office.

Michelle Yeoh In Secretive Motherly Role in Netflix Action Series The Brothers Sun

Throughout her career, Michelle Yeoh was very well known for her fight choreography and action characters that stole the scenes on screen. In the upcoming Netflix action series The Brothers Sun, Yeoh steps into a

Night Swim Pool Party Possession Featurette Shows Complexity of Water Shoots

There are particular challenges with underwater shoots. In a simple swimming pool concept, the camera shoots out of the water and under the surface in both daytime and nighttime, which can bring unique challenges for

The Strangers: Chapter 1 Has a Theatrical Release Date in May

Knock. Knock. The anticipated horror trilogy The Strangers: Chapter 1 is set to release in May. It is the first of three standalone films in a trilogy that is part of The Strangers universe and

Criminal Record Sneak Peek Clip Has Detectives Re-Opening Case Due to Emergency Call

Criminal Record is a different kind of cop drama. One police officer is trying to seek justice with a wrongfully convicted man. At the same time, another detective is trying to preserve his legacy without

Chick Flick | Louise Linton on the Comedy of Online Dating

The saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” It’s more like there are plenty of imperfect men out there in the dating pool. The comedy Chick Flick mocks the dating environment of

Found | Gabrielle Walsh, Brett Dalton, and Killi Williams on Character Development of Series

One of the best new series, Found, isn’t just about the weekly episode stories but about the deep, intense character development of all the protagonists. The NBC series is one of the most-watched new series

Alan Ritchson Announces Filming of S3 of Reacher at CCXP 2023

With the second season of Reacher around the corner, Amazon Studios surprised the audiences of Brazil’s CCXP 2023 with a special video announcement of actor Alan Ritchson about the second season's streaming date. Also, he

It’s A Wonderful Knife | Jane Widdop on Being Transported Into a Horror Version of George Bailey Film

What would the world be like if you didn’t stop a murder? In a horror twist of the well-known James Stewart film, It’s a Wonderful Life, It’s a Wonderful Knife follows a young woman who

First Teaser Trailer of Apocalyptic Series Fallout on Prime Video | CCXP 2023

In one of the most anticipated video game adaptations to screen, Fallout is a very ambitious project full of lore, monsters, and a post-nuclear setting. Based on a best-selling video game franchise, Prime Video debuted