Charlie Cox Thinks Marvel Will Recast Daredevil

Will Daredevil Seasons 1-3 Be Canon In The MCU? Charlie Cox Seems Open For Anything

Since the cancellation of Daredevil, Marvel fans wondered whether the show could come back. However, actor Charlie Cox now thinks Marvel will recast Daredevil. I personally believe recasting Daredevil would be a huge mistake from Marvel Studios. Though, I doubt Kevin Feige cares very much what I think. Sadly, I have a feeling Cox is correct with this prediction.

Cox recently spoke to as part of their Daredevil Watch Party. It would be fair to say that while Cox remains hopeful, he believes Marvel will recast Daredevil eventually. Firstly Cox speaks about how difficult it would be for Marvel to get everyone together to make a Daredevil Season 4. Cut a long story short, he doesn’t think it will happen.

“But when you make a television show, it’s so complicated, and people’s schedules are so difficult, and contracts are so difficult,” he said. “So that’s why when, as an actor, when you sign onto a TV show, you sign six years of your life away. Because, if you don’t do that, it becomes too complicated to try and get all these moving pieces.”

Cox then goes on to say that whilst he thinks we will see Daredevil again, he doesn’t think it will be him.

“I think the likelihood is, I think you’ll definitely see Daredevil again,” Cox tells us. “I just think the best bet for them, in the unlikely nature of being able to get all of us together again, it should be a whole new team, and, you know, start again. You know, why not? And, they do it with Spider-Man all the time. I keep consuming that stuff ’cause I love it.”

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Marvel will recast Daredevil

As said up top, I disagree with recasting Daredevil, however, I agree with Cox that it seems likely. Marvel knew when Daredevil was cancelled that they would have to wait two years before they could use the character again. This is due to an exclusivity deal Disney had with Netflix for The Defenders. Therefore, if Marvel were keen to make a Daredevil Season 4, then they could have negotiated something with the actors, and crew in advance. The fact that we are nearing the end of that two year exclusivity period for Daredevil, and Cox hasn’t heard anything from Marvel Studios, doesn’t look good.

The small hope I cling to, is that Disney are waiting on Netflix to give up broadcasting those Defenders shows. It’s a fools hope. But, I always wondered whether Disney would end up purchasing those shows for Hulu, further down the line. If they did, wouldn’t it be cool for Marvel to then resurrect Daredevil for a Season 4 to reignite interest. The problem would be getting the gang back together. With enough advance planning though, and a commitment to more than one season, it could work?

Sadly, I cannot see my hopes coming to fruition. I also don’t want Marvel to reboot Daredevil in a few years, because frankly that then de-canonises the Daredevil show completely. I might be happy to see Iron Fist de-canonised, but I genuinely don’t think Daredevil could be improved greatly. Daredevil was a fantastic show, Season 1 and 3 being the peak, but I loved Season 2 also.

Sad times, but that’s the movie and TV business for you. What do you think of Cox’s comments, is there still hope, or is the Daredevil show truly dead? Leave them below in the usual spot if you’ve got them.

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