– by Kyle Malone

Hollywood loves money. Who doesn’t? It is this love of money that has Hollywood making reboots, remakes, franchise-altering sequels (think last year’s Halloween), and reimaginings. Why spend time, effort, and money coming up with original ideas when you can just polish up something old and ride it to the bank! 2017’s IT was an example of a successful remake of an old property. It was made for less than $40 million and grossed over $700 million worldwide. So, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would look at other Stephen King properties and try to repeat the success of IT. That brings us to Pet Sematary which hits the big screen on April 5th.

Did we really need this remake? No, but if it’s as good as IT was then I’ll be happy. I was a fan of the original movie from 1989 and I did read the book once in middle school, but I have remained skeptical of the upcoming remake. I am usually skeptical of all remakes, even though many have turned out great.

The movie was screened at the SXSW convention and we have the initial reactions from multiple people and media outlets:

So… it sounds like a good movie! There are countless other reactions to the film that you can find via the #PetSematary tag and the overwhelming majority are positive. I didn’t actually see any negative ones, but there’s always someone that can’t be pleased. when it’s all said and done, I think this may be a good date night film. I better call my babysitter.

What do you think of these reactions? Are you going to see the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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