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Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to make a grand entrance to this year’s Cinemacon.

The Terminator showed up on stage in the signature dark sunglasses and black leather jacket.

He admitted his original plan for a grand entrance was via the sky, motorcycle and even a chariot through Caesar’s Palace. Obviously, he was joking, but it was a nice gesture to the attendees of the convention this week.

Instead he presented twelve minutes worth of clips to the packed house.

Some of the scenes included (SPOILERS BELOW):

  • A narration of Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) explaining about his beginnings and his first encounter with John Conner (Jason Clarke) when Reese was a child;
  • An attack squad led by John Conner on a Terminator facility. Many awesome gun battles between the Terminators and mech-like machines versus the humans;
  • An Arnold Schwarzenegger-looking Terminator going into a machine to go back in time;
  • Kyle Reese volunteering to go back in time after John Conner theorizing the Terminator is going back to kill Sarah Conner to change the timeline;
  • Kyle Reese appearing in an alley, in which he was discovered by T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee) who looks like a police officer. Reese is chased into a clothing store, but saved by Sarah Conner (Emilia Clarke) in an armored vehicle;
  • Reese meets Terminator in the armored vehicle for the first time. He shoots at the Terminator with a weapon and blows off the back door. The vehicle crashes and Terminator physically knocks out Reese;
  • Car chase scene with T-1000 in a police car and with Reese and Sarah Connor shooting at the vehicle. T-1000’s car explodes to end the chase;
  • John Connor meets Sarah Conner, Kyle Reese and Terminator in an underground garage. Terminator shoots John Connor and it was later revealed Connor is now a Terminator;
  • Intense helicopter chase scene with John Connor piloting the back helicopter hell bent on killing his own mother.

Schwarzenegger did joke that only the Terminator movies he starred in really counted—dismissing the previous one.

He ended his presentation with his signature “hasta la vista, baby.”