Comic Stash: July Picks To Add To Your Summer List!

Hello and thanks for checking out my column, The Comic Stash: July edition. And for those returning, a super thanks for coming back! Well, so far this summer has been interesting with some books that without a doubt became the hot title of the week. However, there have also been a few surprises along the way.

There has even been a Marvel title that became a hit. Unfortunately, not for good reasons. But I will leave it at that. I am pretty sure they have editors, and they must have been asleep at the wheel when this came by the desk. But this month there are some great titles to pick up for good reasons, the writer, the artist, and the story they are putting out. Again, the following titles are just my thoughts on what you should check out. If I miss one you are looking forward to, please let me know. As always some of the titles may end, be canceled, or pushed back before their release date.

Week One July 6, 2022

The Comic Stash: July starts as DC Comics releases Batman #125 that will have a new jumping on point for new readers. This amazing title is now n by Chip Zdarsky with art by Belen Ortega. This will be a fun title to get with the amazing Chip Zdarsky telling the story of Batman. A must to pick-up and to your collection at home.

Image’s Comic has the title Saga #60 written by Brian Vaughan with art by Fiona Staples, coming out this week and a nice milestone for this title.

Along with this title Image has Twig #3 by Skottie Young with art by Kyle Strahm out this week as well. This title has been incredibly fun to read and reader-friendly for children and adults.

The other title from Image Comics out this week is Little Monsters #5 by Jeff Lemire with art by Dustin Nguyen. This is a must for those who love vampire and the end of the world stories.

The Closet #2 by James Tynion with art by Gavin Fullerton will also be out this week. This is a three-issue mini-series so worth picking this up.

Ablaze Comics has Promethee 13:13 #1 is by Andy Diggle with art by Shawn Martinbrough. This caught my eye because it has a character who is taken by aliens as a kid. He then has visions of the end of the world. People want to use her skills to protect this from happening.

Artist Writers and Artisans Inc. has a new title coming out called Absolution #1 by Peter Milligan with art by Mike Deodato. In this story we follow Nina who is a profession killer forced to atone for her sins or have her head explode with implanted bombs. This first week is heavy compared to the months in the past. About ninety titles are set to be coming out this week! I will be crying as I get my pull list from my comic shop.

Week Two 13, 2022

Week two of The Comic Stash: July is from Marvel. They have a new volume of a fan favorite title called Daredevil #1 by Chip Zdarsky with art by Marco Checchetto. This title will also have a few variant covers to add to your collection.

Image Comics will have A Town called Terror #4 out this week. It is by horror writer Steve Niles with art by Szymon Kudranski. This is a fun horror story. If you enjoy horror stories you need to pick this one up!

Image will also have issue #3 of Eight Billon Genies by Charles Soule with art by Ryan Browne. This story has been a great entertaining ride as we see what happens when everyone on Earth gets one wish by a genie. In this upcoming issue we get to see how it all begins in the first eight days.

This week seems to be the lightest so far in books coming out, but you never know. Let’s move on to The Comic Stash: July week three!

Week Three 20, 2022

Marvel Comics has a fun book for fans of the Alien movies. Alien Annual #1 is by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Salvador Larroca. I have enjoyed the series Alien and looking forward to this annual!

Marvel will so have a new series coming out this week: Defenders: Beyond #1. The story is by Al Ewing with art by Javier Rodriguez.

Image Comics will have issue #3 of Grim by Stephanie Phillips with art by Flaviano Armentaro. There is also a variant by one of my favorite artists, Jenny Frison.

Opus Comics has a new titled coming out as well this week called, Cradle of Filth: Maledictus Athenaeum #1. It is by Kenny Porter and Holly Interlandi, with art by Piotr Kowalski and Menton3.

Source Point Press will have a fun new series out this week: Little Red Ronin #1 by by Garrett Gunn with art by Kit Wallis. This new series will have a ton of variant covers as well to pick up this week. We will follow Red as she tries to exonerate her grandmother’s exile from their town.

Aftershock Comics will have a new mini-series: The Brother of All Men #1 by Zac Thompson with art by Eoin Marron. In this story we follow a man by the name of Guy. He fought in the Great War and comes home to save his brother from a cult.

This one is interesting and on my pull list. Coming from Scout Comics is She Bites #1 by Hedwig Hale with art by Alberto Hernandez Jr. This story is about Elsie. She is a 134-year-old vampire trapped in a 9-year-old girl’s body, who hires a suicidal teenager to chaperone.

IDW Publishing will have a new title out this week: Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1. The story is by Scott Snyder with art by Hayden Sherman. This is from a fan favorite writer. It should be a fun action-filled story! We follow a crew of women in a firefighting program and have a chance to make a big score in the shadow of smoke and fire.

Week Three July 27, 2022

Finishing off The Comic Stash: July, we get about 111 titles coming out! Again, the last week of each month this year have been heavy, and hurtful in the old wallet.

DC Comics will have a new writer taking over Detective Comics for a four-part series staring with issue #1062. The writer is Ram V and Simon Spurrier with art by Rafael Albuquerque and Dani.

Boom! Studios has Something is Killing the Children #25 by James Tynion with art by Werther Dell’Edera. This is a must-issue as this story comes to end for now. We are promised a great story that will be having us wanting more!

Marvel Comics will have a new series coming out this week: Gambit #1. The story is by Chris Claremont with art by Sid Kotian. Since this is a new number one there will be a few covers to pick up.

Marvel Comics has issue #2 of Iron Cat written by Jed MacKay with art by Pere Perez.

Image Comics will also have issue #2 of Public Domain out this week. The story and art are by Chip Zdarsky.

Artists Writers and Artisans Inc. (AWA) will have Hit Me #5 by Christa Faust with art by Marco Lesko, out this week. This is the last issue in this mini-series. It is a fun story so far. In this final issue we get to see if Lulu will be able to find a way out of the trouble, she is in.

Aftershock Comics also has the final issue of The Naughty List #4 by Nick Santora with art by Lee Ferguson. This mini-series story has been so entertaining as we got a new version of Santa and how his naughty list was stolen by someone killing of those on it.

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Well, I hope everyone had a great fourth of July and thank you for taking the time to read my column, The Comic Stash: July edition! Hopefully I was able to pick out a few that you missed. Or even ones you have on your list. Please take the time to check out our other stories, column, and videos on our website. Till next time take care and support your local comic shops and keeps those collecting growing!

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