– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Right now, Daisy Ridley seems to be living the dream. She’s starring in a potential Oscar contender with Murder on the Orient Express, she’s starring in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, perhaps the biggest sequel ever, and she’s in the process of shooting Chaos Walking, a YA adaptation from Doug Liman that co-stars Spider-Man himself Tom Holland.

Needless to say, she’s arrived. It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, she couldn’t have foreseen this in front of her. Speaking with Vogue, director J.J. Abrams shared this little tidbit:

“At the beginning she was claiming she was almost done with acting—she’d been working at a pub.”

Obviously, quitting isn’t a unique story in the business. Those who live in Hollywood all know their fair share of aspiring actors, and many of them live very difficult lives hopping from waiting jobs to nanny jobs to any job that gives them the flexibility to audition in a competitive environment.

That being said, Rey was a great find for Star Wars, and has proven to be a great addition to the canon. What’s more is that she looks to potentially be an actor who will easily have a career beyond Star Wars, which we know is a very difficult thing to do.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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  • Deathstroke936

    I’m sure she has a future… all she needs is to make sure she doesn’t share the screen with a yellow ball that outshines her and she’ll be fine…

    • Anders Lerche

      A yellow ball? What are you talking about? If you are referring to the BB-8 droid, he’s white and orange.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        At first I thought he was referring to those balls they set up as a point of reference for CGI characters, like he was saying not to be outshined by a fake cgi creation. But after reading your comment I figured he’s just colorblind.

        • Deathstroke936

          Yup, I’m indeed colorblind, diagnosed while in the Navy when applying to flight school (bummer)… But not completely blind to the fact that people paid more attention to the metallic actor than the wooden one… But apparently for you fanboys, she’s the second coming of Meryl Streep… For the rest of us, she’s the “Blue Steel” of actors…

          For my slow friends… Blue Steel because it’s the same facial expression in every scene…

  • Kindofabigdeal

    In some alternate universe where she didn’t get picked up I’m going to travel to that pub and meet cute Daisey. Once we are married I will share my secret that I’m from a universe where she is in the Star War.

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