– by Nick Doll

“Six Seasons and a Movie!”

Yes, Abed’s (Danny Pudi) rallying cry was for his beloved, yet quickly canceled NBC superhero drama The Cape, but with Community being as meta as it was, and with Abed seeming to understand he was in a TV show, series creator Dan Harmon obviously set this near impossible goal for his own struggling, yet beloved NBC series.

Community did end up making it to six seasons, thanks to a one season pickup by the now defunct Yahoo! Screen after the show’s cancellation on NBC, though the series began to slowly lose members of its cast starting with Season 4. But will we ever get that movie?

Harmon spoke with The Wrap about the possibility of a Community feature film, sounding fairly optimistic considering two of Community‘s most frequent directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, are top dogs at Marvel Studios, having directed the last two Captain America films and the two upcoming Avengers films:

“I keep having conversations with the kinds of people that could make it happen. The Russo brothers moved from Community to becoming industry shapers. So did one of our most popular directors, Justin Lin, who directed the first paintball episode.”

Lin directed one of the series defining episodes, Season 1’s finale, paintball episode, as well as two others. You may know his name from the Fast and Furious franchise and Star Trek: Beyond. Harmon told The Wrap:

“I hope I’m not talking out of school by saying that. I’ll get together with him every once in a while, or we’ll have dinner, and we’re talking — we keep trying to figure out how to do this.”

“Those are the kinds of guys, the Russos, plus Justin, plus a humble little me — maybe there is a way to secure the money and the momentum to make something happen. But fingers crossed — don’t want to jinx it.”

All I can really say is…six seasons and a movie!

Do you want to see a Community film, or do you think the series is best left where it ended? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: The Wrap