– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It was inevitable that folks would compare 2012’s The Avengers to last week’s Justice League. After all, they are both superhero team-up films that are a culmination of several films leading up to it, and some would argue that this is the result of DC trying to ape the formula set down by Marvel five years ago.

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However, in the past couple days, many have been going beyond general comparisons, and coming up with real one-to-one correlations between the two films. The latest version of that comes from ScreenCrush. In the above video, the outlet goes story beat by story beat, character by character, and quickly outlines some of the huge key similarities between the films.

On a more general level, the similarities can be summarized as follows. World is vulnerable to alien invasion after god-like character leaves (Thor/Superman). Man and Woman work together to unite team of superheroes to ward off impending threat (Nick Fury & Black Widow/Batman & Wonder Woman). One hero (who thinks he’s a monster) comes out of hiding to help out (Banner/Cyborg). Villain driven by cube of energy to lead alien invasion (Loki/Steppenwolf). Team comes together to defeat alien invasion.

Of course, I’m missing a lot of key points there, but we think you get the idea. Was this an attempt to mimic what came before it? Honestly, probably not. Given the similarities in the source material, as well as a general leaning towards safety with these big projects, the overall structure and tropes are tried-and-true, so it makes sense these similarities would occur.

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SOURCE: ScreenCrush

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