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Daredevil Not In Echo Much But Will Wear Suit More Like Netflix | Barside Buzz

After parting company with the previous incumbents, Daredevil: Born Again gets a new showrunner and new directors.

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Daredevil is not in Echo all that much, but he will apparently wear a suit more like his Netflix design. This information all comes from Daniel RPK’s Patreon service. As always, take it with a pinch of salt until we see evidence or more leakers back up the clams.

According to the rumor, Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) will only be involved in a fight scene in Episode 2, and then return for a cameo in the series finale. To be fair this makes a lot of sense because Daredevil is getting his own 18 episode series which is filming right now. WSell, it would be if not for the strikes. Ergo, having too much Daredevil in Echo just takes away from what I assume is a personal story for Maya. What has been made clear by insiders this past week is that both series will share the same main antagonist. In other words, Fisk is the big bad in both Echo and Daredevil: Born Again.

We also have word from the same source as said above, that Daredevil in his brief appearances will wear a suit much more similar to that used in the Netflix series. As you’ll recall, Daredevil had an alternate designed suit in She-Hulk. Strangely on this one, the suit in the Netflix series was one aspect that was criticized by many fans. Daredevil 1-3 were phenomenal series, but I think most fans preferred him with just the black band wrapped round his eyes.

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I hope they’ve at least made a few modifications to the Netflix suit, which to be fair, is likely. The claim is not that it is the Netflix suit, it’s that the design is much closer than last time out.

I was hyped for Daredevil: Born Again when it was first announced. However, I can’t say I am now with how recent Marvel shows have been going. I just disliked far more than I liked of too many Disney+ series. To be fair, I was never that excited for Echo, so I hope it surprises me. However, I’m done hoping for a sudden upturn in quality. The MCU has lost what made it special, (very few bad movies) and become just like the comics. You like some characters stories, other ones you leave on the shelves. The big crossover events also barely make any sense because it’s all too messy. That’s the MCU post Endgame.

I said it when She-Hulk was announced, every time that character gets introduced into comics, or Animated shows, it kills the series. That comedic kind of character doesn’t work with the mythology of Hulk, which is always serious in tone. We could and should have focused on a smaller set of new characters to turn into the New Avengers team. Maybe with a few older faces also. Instead it’s like Marvel used Phase 4 and 5 so far to introduce a billion new characters. All of them with teases of what’s to come, and none of those teases bearing any fruit for years.

What do think of the latest Barside Buzz Daredevil is not in Echo all that much, but he will apparently wear a suit more like his Netflix design? Thought below as always.

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