– by Campbell Clark

When Solo: A Star Wars Story first released, one of the most shocking moments in the movie was the cameo of Darth Maul as the criminal leader Qi’ra was reporting to at the end of the movie. Of course, the movie didn’t really catch on with audiences and effectively became the first ever Star Wars movie to bomb at the box office. I know that both Nick and Kyle plan to delve deeper into what they both loved and despised about Solo in future articles respectively. As far as I was concerned I enjoyed the movie somewhat, but not a great deal.

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I’m still not sure that Han’s origin was a story that needed to be told on film, and that if they were going to do it, they played it far too safe. I guess I wanted to see a more morally grey Han, a Han that has not yet met Leia and Luke and had his perceptions changed by the siblings.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Darth Maul voice actor Sam Witwer presents a slightly different way of looking at the controversial movie, here is what Sam told the outlet.

“It doesn’t occur to you the first time, but the second time you see the movie, that movie is really about Qi’ra trying to save Han Solo’s soul, because she knows he’s gonna follow her all the way to hell if he has the chance, so she has to break his heart. She has to keep him away from the darkest elements of the universe. She has to keep him firmly out of hell and ascending, which his trajectory as a character is to ascend, and she knows that. But that ascendant quality that Han Solo has, that good guy quality could be corrupted and used in the opposite direction, because she knows where she’s going and she knows he doesn’t belong there. So if you want to really illustrate that, and you need to keep that criminal, dark side element in the background and keep it mysterious, then yes, it’s a smart move to use something that George Lucas had already established elsewhere and suddenly introduce that in there.”

I do actually agree with this and it’s one of the reasons I genuinely believe that a sequel to this movie, building upon the relationships between Han, Chewie, and Lando could really work better. I would also love to see this juxtaposed with the fall of Qi’ra further into the criminal underworld. However, it seems highly unlikely that we will ever see a sequel to Solo given the movies poor performance in theaters. The truth is, that the movie isn’t awful and I think there remains some potential in there for an even better sequel, but Solo just didn’t quite hit the mark for most fans. Carrying on at this point would be an extremely risky play by Disney.

What do you think of Witwer’s comments regarding Solo? Are you happy to see the back of this team, or would you like to see more? Sound off as always in the Star Wars bar below, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, you must be cautious!

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SOURCE: Cinema Blend