David Arquette Ushers In A New Generation For Scream Franchise

David Arquette

The Scream franchise is one of the greatest horror franchise in film industry.  The films contributed to David Arquette rise to fame and solidified Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox as superstars.  Spanning over 20 years the Scream films were able to break the fourth wall and critique other horror films with their cliches.  By doing this the films rewrote the way horror films should be treated. The most recent film just finished wrapping up shooting and Kevin Williamson just made the announcement that the upcoming Scream film will be out January 2022. There isn’t even an official title besides just being Scream 5.

Besides bringing back the original crew of Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) we have no clue who the other actors will be portraying in the film. And that is exactly how Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett want to keep it until you see the movie.

David Arquette

While the Scream franchise is iconic for those who grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it was surprising to hear that a fifth film was being worked on. Our LRMOnline correspondent, Nancy Tapia participated in the virtual production press day last month with the cast during production. Several of the cast shared their experience filming and the joy of being a part of the new Scream film. David Arquette shared what it took to get the project started and the process of getting the original crew onboard for the film.

“There was like little buzz about it, probably on the internet first. And then we heard there was a script. Then we read the script and then we made sure that certain people were behind it, as far as Kevin Williamson’s and Wes Craven’s groups that they were supportive of it. And then talked to the different people and talked to Courtney, mainly see if she was interested. But it’s a really great script and it really honors the past films, but also gives birth to a whole new generation of incredible actors and filmmakers. And I’m just really excited for people to see how much talent, they just really did a great job casting to really have the right people at the helm of this. The whole radio silence group are just incredible. The fact that it’s a Paramount film now, it’s exciting for it to have a proper studio behind it. I think it’s going to be something that really takes the fans into consideration, takes the history into consideration, but also uses all these tools from history to create something that builds on it all and even expands it in a way.”

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When asked how did it feel to come back to the franchise and being a part of something for 25 years here is what David Arquette had to say.

“I love playing this character, it’s so sweet, it’s got such a close place in my heart. There’s not a lot of films that span 24 years, that I’m a part of. I actually have a child as a result, the entire experience. So it’s incredibly close to my heart. It’s really sad doing it and not having Wes here. It’s been an emotional experience, but it’s been really exciting too. Tyler and Matt have just been so respectful of Wes’s vision and learned so much and were inspired by him. And they’re taking that into this new generation, with these incredible actors. All of the talent that these young actors have and how quick witted they are, what incredible people they are too. They all have such big hearts and they’re really kind, and they are really just so talented.”

The new Scream film will usher in a new generation into the franchise and David felt it was important to share his experience with the new crew.  While we don’t know a whole lot of how the new cast will play in the film because of the secrecy behind the film, David gave us some insight on how he helped the new cast fit into the film.

“Melissa and Jenna, I had the opportunity to work with Jenna before, and I knew how amazing an actress she was. So it’s been really exciting and really inspirational just to see this new generation and know that they were inspired by the original and that they’re gonna continue the stories and hopefully entertain the audience and stay true to what came before, but also expand on it. Horror film has gone through an evolution with films, like Get Out and Midsommar and all these wild films that keep pushing the envelope and expanding the genre. So I think all of that comes into play as well as the internet and society, all of this stuff. It’s going to be an exciting film for people to watch.

It’s definitely an understatement how crazy the world is right now, but it’s also pretty inspiring to watch this new generation of filmmakers and this new generation of actors. They’re just really kind, super talented, I’m really just impressed by them. I knew Jack Wade when he was just a little kid and to see him now, have grown into this incredible actor who’s just so witty and has got such a big heart. It gives me hope to be honest, it gives me hope that everything’s going to be all right.”

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Last year David Arquette showcased a documentary film that chronicled the time leading up to his last wrestling match.  Since the late 90’s David has immersed himself in the wrestling universe and created an unbelievable second career as a wrestler when it was supposed to be just a hobby.  In the documentary David talked about how wrestling helped him become a better actor and he addressed it when it came to filming Scream 5.

“There’s a lot of stuff you learn wrestling that I’ve incorporated into acting in general. You learn how to be in the moment a lot more when you’re wrestling. Wrestling, when you’re in the ring it happens really fast in your head and you tend to really speed up, but once you understand it, you can slow down, you can take your time, you can find your moments and you can really connect with people. You have to connect with people or something’s going to go wrong. I nearly died, so I’ve had these horror experiences in real life that I’ve been able to incorporate into my feelings about the stories we’re telling and the gravity of what happens in a horror film. It’s a crazy world and it’s fun to be doing a film. It’s a lot scarier when you experience it in real life.”

Unfortunately it will be a while before we get to see the final product. Spyglass and Paramount Pictures will release the film worldwide in theaters on January 14, 2022.

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