– by Seth McDonald

Stranger Things 2 is in the books. The Duffer brothers gave us an excellent follow up to the first season. Bringing back the nostalgia, and a story more or less on par with the Season 1. David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper on the popular Netflix series, recently spoke with Variety, and he has his own ideas on when the show should end:

“I’ve heard the Duffers say that they want to end it at four. I will say that I do feel like I would see it run for five seasons. I do know that there’s an end to the story. And I know that there’s an end for all of these characters. And I’m happy about that, because I don’t want it to become like other shows, which are great shows, but like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones where you continue to spiral out of the story just to create content. I know that we have a story to tell. I know that it can be wrapped up either in four or five seasons. I think four is a little quick. Because I think it’s such a great show, I don’t want to let it go that soon. But I do think five will be the perfect number where we can tell our story, have it be really rich and something people can watch and go back to watch again. But we can also get out before you get tired of us.”

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I kind of see what Harbour is talking about with The Walking Dead, not so much with Game of Thrones. He is correct though, there are many shows that are pushed passed their prime. Usually it is because a show is still very popular, the studio enjoys the revenue from the high ratings, and a natural place to end the story gets ignored. That is something I don’t want to see happen to Stranger Things. I want to see the show go long enough for the Duffer brothers to finish their story, no more, no less.

How many seasons would you like to see Stranger Things have? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Variety