– by Joseph Jammer Medina

DC seems to be in a vulnerable place right now. Yes, without a doubt, all of their movies in the DC Extended Universe have been financial successes, but there is also no denying that the films have been less than well received by the majority of fans. As a result, the brass over at Warner Bros and DC Films have been hard at work on a course direction, and as of right now, there has been no real confirmation as to the direction they seem to be headed in.

This inevitably leads to rumors aplenty surrounding this ever-changing universe, and if you’ve been following the buzz, one of the latest rumors revolves around an ambitious 2019 slate. For those who have not heard, the rumor goes as follows: 

DC Films is planning on releasing four Batman-centric films in 2019. The first is Gotham City Sirens around Valentine’s Day, the second is Nightwing on Memorial Day weekend,  the third is Batgirl in August, and it all rounds out with The Batman in November. This is supposedly also a way for them to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman.

Seem a little too ambitious? We thought so too. While this is by no means an outright denial, it’s likely about as close as we can expect. On Twitter, DC Films producer Jon Berg joked with DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns about the rumor:

With this comment, we can pretty much accept that most, if not all the rumors that have dropped in recent days to be mostly fabricated. I find myself torn on all this. There’s a reason why rumors like this keep spreading: DC keeps on announcing this movies without seeming to have an idea of how all of this will fall into place. It would be comforting to fans if they actually announced what their plan was so that they wouldn’t seem like they were just lashing out blindly.

The other side of that coin is that the last time they did that, they looked like fools for not sticking to the plane fully. Perhaps in keeping quiet, they’re prevent themselves from experiencing similar embarrassment down the line.

Regardless, we can likely put all these recent rumors to bed. We’ll likely have to wait for some official announcements before we’re able to get the full picture of what’s going on. 

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SOURCE: Jon Berg, Geoff Johns

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